What is this course about ?

In this course we are going to learn about linux system administration and this course is designed specially for beginners who want to learn system administration practically. All the videos are designed for people who are completely new to linux and want to start learning linux system administration.

What’s inside the course ?

in this course we are going to use SUSE linux which is another flavor of linux. We will start by installing SUSE linux on virtual environment and then we are going to take a deep look into linux , storage , file-system , networking , etc.  We will look into hardware and software part of administrating linux system , How to install drivers , what are processes , shells , monitoring linux , etc.

Why This Course ?

This course is completely free and practical. You guys don’t have to waste money on purchasing courses because i believe knowledge should be free and i am trying to share as much information as i can. You guys wont loose anything , you will surely learn something new from the course.



Next Chapter : Downloading and Installing Virtual Box