Learn how to administrate and monitor linux systems.

A Course specially designed for beginners who have zero prior knowledge about linux. In this course , I will be taking you guys into installation , configuring , administrating and monitoring a linux based system.


Get answers from an experienced IT expert to every single question you have related to the learning you do in this course including installing SUSE linux on virtual box , How to install drivers , what are processes , shells , monitoring linux , etc.

Practical Course

I will take you with me and show all the steps with practical screen sharing. This helps the user to understand what is going on and how to perform tasks practically in real time.


Most of the tools shown in the videos are open source. I have provided links to all the tools so that you can download them and practice them.


I am an experienced linux user and I am using linux from a long time.


I have taken the love of linux to the next level by making a permanent tattoo of linux ( Penguin symbol of linux ) on my hand .

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Note : The course is under construction so please come back on sunday for updated course

1. Introduction