Learn Python with Full Python Tutorial – Episode 8 | Priyank

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5 thoughts on “Learn Python with Full Python Tutorial – Episode 8 | Priyank

  • hey the video was gr8 as usual
    however u might wanna sound more energetic in the videos.
    Explanation and stuff is at par
    also wanted to know if u have knowledge on search engine optimization and if u cud make videos on them as well
    summer holidays are round the corner and u can gain greater audience!!
    good job!

  • hey bro i require your help
    i want to take ceh exam but the problem is that in the eligibility criteria they have written that "you must prove 2 years of information security experience via the application form"
    i am well prepared for the exam (i am 18 year school boy)
    what should i do i dont any work experience ?

  • nice video bro :)…. but Plss Also Focus On Python With Android Hacking Course ..You are a bit slow …but u can do that i trust on u bro 🙂

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