Learn Python with Full Python Tutorial – Episode 16 | Priyank

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10 thoughts on “Learn Python with Full Python Tutorial – Episode 16 | Priyank

  • Priyank I have started learning c++ and facing lots of problem , I'm not familiar with any programming languages do make a series of video on c++ if possible you are great and your work love you brother

  • Hey brother,

    Python tutorial videos are too mainstream. They are allover the internet. Some of them are bible, literally. No disrespect your videos are good but try something different. Like make videos about PEP8 convention that we professional developers follow. Make videos on modern workflow/system management strategies if you have worked with any, like isolated environments, docker, vagrant.

    Since there are so many tutorials available on the internet, every single kid in the town can code. But they just prints out stuff on CLI, or will do something with I/O not more then that. Make videos on programming etiquette, programming paradigms. Code license awareness.

    I have seen people sued of using excerpt/part of code without giving proper attribute to original author. Make people aware of what open-source actually are. They are free but you can't freely use without giving attribute.

    After all this, all I want to say is that, Python tutorials are too mainstream. Do something unique.

    Good luck!

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