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About this article:

In this article, we are going to talk about installing OS X on PC i.e. on third-party hardware and custom computers. We will be discussing some problems that you can face due while installing mac OS on PC and we are going to dig up on Hackintosh with pros and cons of Hackintosh.

Are you guys out of budget but still want a machine that can run OS X and want to use exclusive software like iMovie and final cut pro on your PC which are only supported on OS X then this might be the solution to your problem. Installing Mac OS X on PC is quite difficult. There are two main problems you will face during Mac OS installation. The first will while creating a bootable disk which requires a mac. So we will be discussing about that later on. We will also talk about a method on how to install mac without a mac. The second issue is the file system. Since the bootable disk needs drivers to be replaced again and again until the final drivers work, you need a mac to install/replace kext files which work as drivers or patches in Hackintosh. Thus you constantly need a mac to make a proper functional Hackintosh. You might also need hardware that is compatible with Mac OS and a motherboard that supports UEFI booting. The third and the most irritating reason that makes Mac OS difficult to run on PC is the compatibility issue. Your sound card, LAN card, and graphics card might stop working and you might even end up with a non-functional or semi-functional system while installation. Many times even keyboard and mouse will stop working.

Why should you work on mac ?

The answer to this question is simple. A low-cost beast machine which is better than mac in terms of hardware. Obviously, you don’t want to work with 128GB of storage and you want to use high-end graphics card like GTX 1080s with your mac to render movies and video files even faster. Obviously, mac is used for video editing and you want to use software like iMovie and Final cut pro for editing. Most YouTubers and editors use this software and these might be the best choice for movie makers.

Remember that building a Hackintosh computer system generally voids any warranties with the hardware manufacturers and modifying the software to run on the hardware violates copyright laws for Apple’s operating system. For these reasons, no companies can legally sell Hackintosh systems.

You can find a complete list of hardware that is compatible with mac on Tonymacx86.com – https://www.tonymacx86.com/buyersguide/june/2018/ These are custom mac builds which are most advisable for noobs who have zero knowledge about computers. You can use almost any hardware with Mac OS with proper research and patches. I personally recommend to stick with these hardware because using non-compatible hardware can be tricky to work with and pair with OS X.


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