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♦ In this video, we will be talking about algorithms and how are algorithms used in programming. We will also discuss a few tips to become a good programmer.

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About this article
In this article, we are going to talk about algorithms and take a deep dive into the ocean of algorithms.

An Algorithm is a formula to solve problems, based on sequences of specified actions. For Eg. In simple terms, the algorithm for picking an object and placing it somewhere else includes picking the object, moving to the new locations, placing the object. These sequences is to be followed in line and cannot be changed. You simply cannot pick an object place it somewhere and then move to the new location. So the full process or sequence is termed as an algorithm.

Uses of Algorithms
Algorithms are widely used and in fact everything on the internet or inside computers use some or the other algorithm. A search engine like google, youtube’s video listing, everything works due to an algorithm. For example, how does youtube know which video is to be shown to users as search results for the particular search term? In simple terms, Algorithms are used to solve problems and can be termed as steps to answers to questions.

Algorithms in Programming
Programming becomes easy if you find algorithm and discuss the steps to find the answer to a given problem. For example, if we want a program to calculate the sum of two numbers. The first step would be to accept two numbers, the next step would be to save the numbers in data types, then to add them and the last step will be to show the results. Now a good programmer can simply reduce the steps by converting the numbers directly to answer within the input step or by skipping a few steps. algorithm,algorithms,the algorithm,greedy algorithm,youtube algorithm,algorithm (literature subject),knn algorithm,kmp algorithm,data structures and algorithms tutorial,shor’s algorithm,oll algorithms,search algorithm,what is algorithm,sorting algorithm,hacking algorithm,apriori algorithm,devil’s algorithm,genetic algorithm,mcclure algorithm,what is an algorithm,instagram algorithm,hashing in algorithm,what is knn algorithm


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