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About this article
In this article, we are going to talk about our internet speed we will try to discuss the truth behind what our service providers tell and what we actually receive. We will also discuss a few tips and tricks which can boost your internet speed.

What your Internet Service Provider tells
If we wrap up this article and talk about the truth, then we all know that our service providers always tell use our speed or plan in Mbps where the b is small and stands for bits and not bytes and usually when dealing with flash drives and other storage devices we prefer using Megabytes and not Megabits which is actually a larger number if compared to bits. Both Mbps and MBPS are used transfer speeds and while downloading we usually use MBPS thus you might think that your service provider is cheating or not giving proper speeds and your internet might seem slower if compared to the actual speed promised by your internet service provider.

Checking Your Internet Speed
There are various methods to check internet speed and one of which is by downloading speedtest application or by checking it on their website directly i.e.

The Truth
The truth lies behind the conversion of Megabits and Megabytes. Since 1MB is equal to 8Mb i.e. Megabits and thus if we talk about a 5Mbps plan we can surely convert it into 0.625 MB i.e. 625 KBPS which is quite low then what was actually promised. If we talk about the average internet speed in the world, it’s around 7.2 Mbps i.e. megabits per second and that in India is around 6.5 Mbps i.e. Megabits per second.

How to increase speed
There are various ways of increasing your internet speed and the most effective way is to change your DNS to google’s DNS. DNS stands for domain name server and in simple terms, your internet traffic is sent from these servers and changing them might drastically affect your internet speed. Google’s current DNS servers are at and You can search on google ‘How to change DNS server’ and change them accordingly.

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