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So in the previous few articles, we have been talking about 5G and we know a lot about 5G. We have also talked a lot about communication standards and their evolution, we know a lot about 5G – 5G NR and now let’s check if our current devices are 5G supported and can you enjoy 5G on your current smartphone.

5G Chipsets and Smartphones

As we know, every big generation of cellular networks means that you need a new smartphone equipped with the technology. We have literally seen the evolution of 4G and the change that LTE brought among smartphones. 5G will bring the same changes to your regular smartphone. There are two simple questions here, ‘Do I need a new smartphone’ and ‘Which smartphone is available in the market that supports 5G’. We will be answering all your questions in this article.

Qualcomm – The king Snapdragon 855

Qualcomm has released the Snapdragon 855, which has the X5- 5G Modem built in. This modem supports 5G, but there is a catch. The speeds go up to a theoretical maximum of 5Gbps, which as we know, don’t come close to the expected standards. So from now on, in future, every device running on Snapdragon 855 or higher will be probably compatible with 5G speeds and spectrum.

Which devices are compatible!

Manufacturers like Xiaomi have already started marketing their phones with 5G tag and have unveiled the Mi Mix 3. Unfortunately, we cannot test it now and the phones are not out yet but we can smell few things and can conclude that mid-2019 will be all about phones with their 5G variant and probably early-2019 for the US.

Samsung S10 – Will it have 5G

Samsung’s S10 is also under development, and will mostly come with snapdragon 855 on board. It’s set for a release in early 2019, as well. As far as Apple goes, we don’t actually know anything related to 5G yet but we can conclude that Apple is pretty dead in the mobile market with the ban on their phones in many countries.

IoT and 5G

If we get the ideal implementation, 5G will enhance the possibilities of integrating IoT with the mainstream networks. 5G works on a range of frequencies that encompasses most frequencies on which local area networks work. 5G also aims to get manufacturers on board to push 5G IoT as the standard. Big names like Qualcomm and Ericsson have alread9y begun doing exactly this.

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