Nvidia Graphics Card Naming Schemes Explained


Alright, let’s talk about Nvidia Naming Scheme. For those that are new to computer lingo, it can be difficult to understand the differences and reasoning behind all the names that Nvidia uses for graphics cards available on the market currently. This article focuses on breaking down these names for you guys to easily understand what it is that the jumble of words, letters and numbers. Our focus today is on the GeForce Graphics cards.

NVidia GeForce Graphics Cards.

The easiest way to break down any naming stuff is to relate it to something that might be a bit more common, like something in physical world. Let’s consider cars.The first thing that you notice about the car is the company brand. Just like in India, we have TATA that owns various cars like Nano,etc.  Nvidia Owns the GeForce name.


The next part about cars is the body style. Is it a big SUV, or pickup truck? Each style can handle different things and things differently actually. Similarly to which we have GeForce which is the sedan of graphics cards and has no letters after it. This version is perfect for everyday use and light video watching in HD.

GeForce GT

The next version is GeForce GT which is the SUV version if compared to cars in our physical world. Thus we have GeForce GT which is supercharged for better HD quality, 3D movies and entry level gaming capabilities. More like a athlete who is better than normal person but cannot compete a bodybuilding beast on steroids.

GeForce GTX

The next and an ultimate GPU is GeForce GTX which is the ultimate power consuming high performance for any gamer’s requirements. This version is the newest and most popular line on the market right now.

Number Game

This was the first part, now lets come to the number game, every model has numbers after it. Eg. Geforce GTX 2060, etc. The last number is the version i.e. 60 is better than 50, 90 is better than 60 and so on. Eg – GTX1080 > GTX 1060 > GTX 1050 and so on. The first two numbers are the generation i.e. here GTX 10XX is the 10th generation and GTX 9XX i.e. GTX 960 is the 9th Generation and then we have the GTX 20XX which is actually the 11th generation.

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