What is Digital Radio? Next Generation Broadcasting?


We all remember the sweet golden days when we used to open up the radio in our smartphones and listen to music broadcasted over the air and even buy Radios. We also remember texting i.e. via normal SMS which has been taken over the internet with applications like WhatsApp and other messaging application. So here’s everything about next-generation radio broadcasting.

Digital Radio

Digital Radio is the next generation of radio broadcasting. Digital radio receivers are able to receive and decode a digital program stream into a format that you can hear (and see, with program details on built-in screens), offering you, a better listening experience. Transmitting using digital signals instead of analog which includes AM and FM use.

Advantages of traditional Radio?

Of course, we don’t actually listen to radios anymore but still, let’s talk about some advantages of digital radio over traditional radios. The main (and only actually) advantage is a clear audio signal, digital radio transmits additional information that your radio is able to display. Examples include program information to show what is on now and coming up next, weather forecasts, news headlines, and for music stations you can see artist and track names.

Traditional Radio is Dead?

We also had analog TV service which was taken down by digital TV streaming and so will be radio? Actually, the answer is not sure because the whole radio thing is dead but if we talk about traditional radios, unlike analog TV, there is currently no plan to switch off analog AM/FM radio.

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