1. Nubia Red Magic Mars gaming phone comes to North America and Europe in late January, starting at $399

Gaming smartphone fans in North America and Europe on the lookout for their next phone will soon have another option to consider. Smartphone manufacturer Nubia, the now-independent offshoot of ZTE, has a presence at CES 2019, where it’s announcing plans to sell the gaming-focused Red Magic Mars in these new regions starting January 31st.

2. Samsung’s 75-inch MicroLED 4K TV is a huge step into the future

Picture quality that rivals or beats OLED without any of the downsides

After introducing an enormous MicroLED TV called The Wall at last year’s CES, Samsung has returned in 2019 with a smaller, 75-inch 4K TV that’s a far more practical fit for the living room. It uses the same MicroLED foundation as The Wall, combining “individual tiles of self-emissive MicroLEDs, featuring millions of inorganic red, green and blue microscopic LED chips that emit their own bright light to produce brilliant colors on screen.” There’s no backlight required, so MicroLED displays can be incredibly thin.

3. AT&T’s first 5G speed tests are here, and they’re not great

While 5G has massive potential, the only major effect it has achieved so far in the US is confusing the general public. That’s due in large part to ill-advised marketing strategies and questionable 5G “launches” by the four major wireless carriers. In the latest addition to this frustrating saga, we’re finally seeing speed tests of AT&T’s fledgling 5G network, and the results are far from impressive.

The results were posted to Reddit and reported on by PCMag’s Sascha Segan. The redditor, mwb6d, posted a screen that showed a 194.88Mbps download speed, 17.08Mbps upload speed, and 77ms latency. That’s not a bad result, per se, but it’s also roughly the same as the gigabit LTE speeds we’ve been seeing these days. In fact, when the redditor uploaded a 4G test from that same area it came back with a very similar result: 187.44Mbps download speed, 8.14Mbps upload speed, and 77ms latency. How could this be?

4. Blue flashes light up New York sky after explosion at electric power station

Residents of the New York City borough of Queens were mystified as bright blue lights lit up the night sky on Thursday. A transformer explosion at an electric power substation was the cause of the glow, but officials said no one was injured in the incident.

“There was a boom and a bag and a flash of light,” said Jim Long from Fire Department New York. “It’s all under control but we’re still getting calls from residents wondering what happened.”