This time I’ll be sharing with you an method on how to get free EDU Emails. There are various colleges from which you can get an free edu email and I’ll be sharing Virginia College right now. It’s up to you to find other colleges, please don’t ask me which ones are available too since I won’t tell you. No one told me, I found them my self, think on the ways you can do it it’s not that hard. Just a little bit of thinking and you are on! Let’s go!

Go to VCCS Website


Go to applying – apply online.
Select New Users.
You will be prompted to the application form. We will use two helpfull websites for this. First one is temporary email


and the second one, well known Fake Name Generator. [https://www.fakenamegenerator.com/gen-random-us-us.php]

To make rest of the steps easier for you I created imgur step-by-step guide.
Just follow the steps on imgur, some of them will be explained here.
When asked for SSN – It’s located on Fake Name Generator


Replace XXXX with four random numbers.
Which college do you plan to attend – Doesn’t matter, choose any option.
Emergency Contact Information – Put just any name and US number.
Educational Goals – Doesn’t matter what you put in

If you followed the steps from imgur post you should be done by now. In next few minutes your application will be accepted.

IMGUR STEP BY STEP GUIDE! https://imgur.com/a/gY7MC

Your password will be sent to the email you entered. After 15 minutes account will be active and you have your own Edu Email!