*Never pay For Nord VPN Again*

1.Search google for “ccgen”. I used https://namso-gen.com/

  1. Change quantity to 50, change bin to 5156732424200xxx
  2. Leave everything else as is and generate the cards.
  3. Search google for “ccchecker”. I used https://sieuthuthuat.com/check/
  4. Copy and paste the generated credit cards from namso-gen to the checker. Click start/check.
  5. Wait for the credit cards to check.
  6. Write down/copy the credit card number, expiration date, and cvv of a live credit card.
  7. Go to your preferred temporary email provider. I used https://temp-mail.org/
  8. Go to https://free.nordvpn.com/trial/ and click “Get free trial” or scroll down to where it says “Start your free trial now”.
  9. Go to https://www.fakepersongenerator.com/ and fill in the name on the trial page (or just write any name you want).
  10. Fill in the credit card number, expiration date, and cvv of the live credit card you copied earlier.
  11. Fill in the zip code as “10008”. Click continue.
  12. Wait a couple seconds. If all went well, you should be presented with a success screen asking you to open your email to finish creating you account and start your 7 day trial.
  13. Go to your tempmail email and click the link from NordVPN. Create a password and voila, you will be presented with a success screen.
  14. Enjoy your nordvpn account. When your subscription runs out or stops working, simply make a new account following the steps above!

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