WhatIS Automatic Document Feeder? #ADF Explained | Everything about ADF


We all have used printers and scanners. From the time of printing documents for our school/college projects to printing legal documents, printers and scanners have changed a lot and one such change is the ADF i.e. Automatic Document Feeder used in these scanners. In this article, we will be talking about ADF i.e. Automatic Document Feeder.

ADF – Automatic Document Feeder

The term ADF stands for Automatic Document Feeder. An ADF is used in copiers and scanners to feed pages into the machine. Let’s take an example and try to learn about ADF. While printing multiple pages, we load up bundles of pages to print. The printer feeds the pages and starts printing them directly one by one. Printed documents are then thrown out of the machine one by one in sequence.

But while scanning documents, scanners need scan single page at a time. This is where ADF i.e. ‘Automatic Document Feeder’ comes into the picture. An ADF feeds pages one by one i.e. while copying or scanning 800 pages would require a lot of manual page-loading i.e. scanning each page one by one. Some printers/ copy machines include both an automatic document feeder and a flatbed scanning surface so that either method can be used i.e. automatic scanning and manually scanning each page.