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We have all heard terms like AI , machine learning or deep learning but are they exactly. Machine learning, sounds something that can help me in my homework and college projects right? Well here’s a basic guide to AI i.e. artificial Intelligence vs machine learning vs deep learning.


Let’s go by definition. AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence is a science and an approach to developing auto-completion technology in the fields such as image processing, signal processing, databases, etc.

In simple terms, Artificial Intelligence is something that automates things but like a human brain and develop answers to questions that weren’t previously asked.

Generally speaking, Machine Learning is a part of AI i.e. sub category of Artificial Intelligence. Machine learning is basically a set of algorithms or actions that help itself to learn. For Example, a program that can correctly identify images will learn from comparing it to a sample image multiple number of times.Deep Learning is a subcategory of machine learning i.e. a subset that can solve problems by neutral networks.

Let’s understand all three of them using a small simple example. Suppose You receive a spam email from someone. The email directly lands into the spam folder of your inbox or webmail client. Here, the whole process of differentiating between spam, social, updates and promotional emails can be termed as Artificial Intelligence. Whereas, specifically selecting spam section and check if the email is spam is machine learning. Machine learning uses number of neural networks i.e. deep learning to detect spam i.e. it detects spam from previous spam samples and by collecting and analysing other spam emails.

Thus, deep learning is a part of machine learning which is a part of Artificial Intelligence. That’s all for this article. In our next article we are going to talk about an interesting topic for techgeeks i.e. KaiOS.

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