M.2 As Fast As Possible

Drives always seem to be getting smaller and faster. How can the new M.2 interface help your PC work more quickly?

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22 thoughts on “M.2 As Fast As Possible

  • and dies in one year. Really.. yes really. No i will trade a slower load/boot time for longer life of the magnetic drives, that also hold more data.

  • dear linus have a question ! it's since I installed win 10 and put it on ssd nvm

    on my motherboard I can not do any more oc on my DDR3 CORSAR … before i could ! but I was on ssd sata and on win 7

    question who blocks OC my pc due to win 10 instal in NVM SSD M.2 or just from m.2

    which is becoming the cause ? .

    before I could make up to 2000 Mhz ddr3 corsar

    ut I was on ssd sata and on win 7 pam pam pam !!! .

    anyway, I seriously plan to go back to win 7 as cooler an more free .

  • at first, sata express is 8gb/s, not 4gb/s, so it's at least twice as fast. at second, sata express gets those 8gb/s ADDITIONALLY for each pcie slot – so with 2 slots, u get 16gb/s. my south african IT specialist buddy sent me here to convince me of M.2 instead of Sata3.2 but the opposite is the result… xD

  • I have a doubt that I couldn't find the answer anywhere on the web. If I have a Z390 motherboard that has an equivalent of PCIE 3.0 X4 lanes Bandwidth from the PCH through DMI 3.0, if I place the fastest Nvme through the available M.2 slot at x4, it's full performance will saturate the PCH Bandwidth which is shared with Bluetooth, WiFi onboard card, Ethernet, USB, Everything. Once the M.2 NVME reaches its peak performance, there wouldnt be any bandwidth left for the rest of the onboard devices, so there is a bottleneck. I'm a correct? If I set the NVME through the BIOS at PCIE X2 speed, it's performance would be limited at half speed, but thst would fix the bandwidth bottleneck to share with everything else without any "lag". Can someone explain this to me?

  • I have a 7year old Laptop Dell Inspiron 15R N5110, and I don't have any additional SSD slot. However the laptop does have a WLAN card slot. Can I fit the M.2 NVMe SSD? I want to add additional SSD instead of replacing the traditional HDD with the SATA SSD. I want 2 storage drives at once. Please help me
    Please help me.

  • He keeps saying that we're trying to make storage devices smaller but sometimes we leave them at a certain size I'm still seeing hard drives that you can buy that are too big to fit in my laptop I believe they called them 3.5 mm also I owned a GameCube so I know that discs can be made smaller but yet Blu-rays are still the same size as DVDs and even physical storage DVD cases are bigger than CD cases even though the discs are the same size

  • Can I boot yet? – want to boot from M.2 – all servers should be able but there not. All PC’s should be able but they don’t. What gives?

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