Should You Buy Refurbished Electronics?

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Is buying refurbished electronics a great way to save money, or a risky gamble on a mistreated gadget? Techquickie explains.

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48 thoughts on “Should You Buy Refurbished Electronics?

  • Refurbished concept is new in India, but fast catching up. Buyers can find tested refurbished products at great discounts, so refurbished products are a good choice if you want to go for a used mobile. There are many sites to go for refurbished goods, one such site is this one They source products at best offers from both Amazon and Flipkart and present in an easy way to compare and decide. Happy Shopping.

  • Routers are very common to be sold as refurbished. Idk about you guys, but mine heats up after a bit. Since it's never turned off, a router has gotta be one of the LAST pieces of tech I would buy used.

  • I've been buying refurbished electronics since 98. Love it. Just make sure it is refurbished and tested by the original manufacturer.

  • Bought a refurbished thinkpad, all i had to do myself was replace the battery which i was planning to do anyway and works real damn good. Saved a lot of money.

  • All the refurbished products I've purchased have lasted quite a bit and worked very well. Obviously, I can't compare with non-refurbished because I purchased the refurbished product but I am usually satisfied with the refurbished product. The exception are refurbished products from a specific chain of cheap electronics where I live. You can't return products, only exchange and their refurbished TVs, for example, all have major scratches dings and damaged screens. Luckily I check before I buy. Once, I tried to purchase a TV from them and opened 27 boxes and did not find one proper TV. They were all heavily scratched. That's the last time I frequented that store for anything.

  • I've been given a FREE HP Compaq nc6320 laptop, in spanking good condition, which has a sticker underneath saying it was originally on Windows XP pro, but, there is a 2nd sticker underneath saying it is now a Windows 7 Home Premium 'refurb!' Is it possible to upgrade/new install Windows 10 to this …'refurb' …fingers crossed…anyone know… Grrreat channel…Subscribed!! And…should I upgrade to 10 anyway…pros and cons, from actual experience, anyone!?

  • Computers need to be thought of like cars analogy with regards to the fix-it community, proprietary parts, etc. If you are a DIY fixit person, you'll save money and level up your skills by buying used. If not, you'll just ignore the glitches like a car noob ignoring that check engine light until it breaks so much you can't use it and you'll crankily replace it.

  • That stray dog looked like a nice little piggy. And I am watching this using a device compaoed of all second hand items and the Phanteks Enthoo Primo case was a customer return, a couple of panels holders had snapped. But I will ghetto those if it ever comes down to more broken connectors.

  • I bought a refurbished logitech M525 – the battery contacts were all corroded as if a battery had exploded in it. It still works just fine, though.

  • I bought a brand new laptop from hp and when i went to put some more ram in it there was Refurbished stickers all over the inside it

  • Lol Apple’s Genius Bar replacements… you’ve been told it’s new… but it’s actually it’s a refurbished device lol

  • what about refurbished gpu-s in here some stores offer around 6 months warranty what u guys think worth a shot or not?

  • What terrifies me about refurbished laptops, is the fact that you are all wankers. I always imagine csi dude come with a sperm lamp, and the refurbished laptop is all "shiny". Yayks. Ill pay the extra 150$.

  • I bought a refurbished 240hz alienware monitor for 200$ and it's in perfect condition. Not even a broken pixel. There's not even a scratch either… – Manufacturer refurbished, not any less imo.

  • In 2007 I bought a Dell Studio1035 laptop, 2008 I installed Windows 7 and in 2014 I installed Windows 10. That refurbished laptop is still running and it is connected to my musical keyboard and still running perfectly. Sometimes refurbished is good.

  • the one place i disagree on hdd's is vraps, any 10,000(or even 15k) rpm drives tend to be fine/great white lable or just refurb, i say this based on the over 100 of them i have gotten from GoHardDrive (they are on amazon, ebay and their own site, check all 3 if you want the best price), also, some of their amazon listings actually offer square trade or even data recovery plans, tho, i have, honestly only had a hand full (seriously 4-5) fail in that time, we setup a raid with 36 of them in a system(raid 15), almost a decade ago now, its still going strong, zero failed drives, and, he checks the drives smart values regularly, the app he uses can see each drive sep despite the raid and read their smart values, none of the drives even have any bad sectors, all are white label vraps from goharddrive, that things been going for years, 300gb vraps in a huge raid.. (he keeps talking about replacing them with 1tb versions or using 2tb sshd's to replace them… in that case, we could easily double the drives hes got in the rig(its got a stack of 4*2.5 in 1*5.25" bay hot swap units in the system, think we went with icy dock units, and removed their built in fans(the system is setup with filters, running mild positive pressure (enough that it keeps the drives all cool, just by forcing air out around them)

    seriously, i do get you, and agree with you even, that, in most/many cases, refurb hdd's arent a great choice.

    but, i have less then zero issue saying GoHardDrive are top notch, the few times i got non-vraps that had any issue at all, or even, me asking for a firmware revision with encryption either enabled or disabled, so that drives will match, the one time i got 1 drive that chucked errors, they sent me a replacement with a return label, i got it the day after i sent the email…

    seriously, the honor their warranty, (1 year for stuff thats "white lable" or refurb, retail warranty for the new drives they sell.

    i cannot really complain about it.

    also, depending on where you live, the warranty can be as long as 3 years for refurbished items, i have also had HP and Acer offer extended warranties on pretty much every refurb i got from them via bestbuy or online retailers, one HP i got had some issues(hdd was failing), after a bit of runaround, and demanding to talk to a manager…then, when he indirectly made it clear he couldnt get it sorted,i asked to talk to his boss, 2 elevations later, they sent me a prepaid return lable and when they sent the replacement, it was an a10 rather then a8 based unit, and had double the ram included, when i checked to make sure it wasnt a fuckup, the gal i was dealing with directly said they didnt have a direct replacement, and, since she wasnt able to just send a replacement drive, or get somebody to replace it and send it back, she had them send me a refurb a10 (the new version of the unit i got refurb just after the new model came out), that laptop is still running pretty damn well honestly, despite it being abused by the gals daughter(i had to take it apart last year and remove large amounts of pet hair, then explained to the gal, then her daughter, that you should never be able to pull a snack zip-lock bag out full of the hair from inside a laptop, and that i was charging 75usd for the work to clean it out(i also replaced the thermal goop since… it was easiest to remove the coolers and clean them then try and use tweesers to get it all out without removing it.

    not kidding, the bag was stuffed so tight i had trouble zipping it…(why i used a snack bag, to make a point…)

    they are much more careful now, but she said she might just pay me to clean it out every year since, its not "cheap" but, the laptop works so well for her, that it dosnt really need replaced… hell its even got dedicated gfx, unlike the one i sent back… not an amazing unit, but, it works well for her uses.

    anyway, laptops via bestbuy tend to be a very good value for laptops, much better then "new", im waiting on ryzen based laptops to drop in price ,then try and upgrade both my parents to that, take their old units and rebuild them (reinstall on new sshd's most likely)

  • I have bought a lot of refurbished stuff but I always try to get an extended warranty. In my experience around 1/3 of what I have gotten have ended failing again.

  • I get refurbished stuff some of the time, and I've only ever had one dud. I got a 1060 3gb windforce that conked out after two boots, but it doesn't discourage me. Hey, the store didn't actually have any 1060 3gbs in stock when I returned it, so they upgraded me to a 6gb for free, so I'm not bothered

  • My 14 year old PC runs on a pair of refurbished RAM(2*4 GB). Its a core2duo. With an SSD upgrade it just runs fine. I never thought I'll have 8 gigs of RAM when I had bought that PC.

  • Bought an ASUS certified RT-AC3100 recently. Was hoping the WiFi issues they're plagued with would be fixed by the manufacturer as part of the refurbishment process. Nope. Started getting 5GHz WiFi issues on day 2 (broadcasting SSID but couldn't connect anymore). Factory reset got me back up and running until day 5 when it completely stopped broadcasting the SSID. Got an RMA and shipped it back on day 6. Happy it broke quickly enough for an easy return. Back on the N66U, which I bought new years ago, with a new appreciation for its reliability.

  • Bought a refurbed HP Probook with a quad core A6 and a basic 7200 rpm 320 GB hard drive for $150 with free shipping. Honestly its a windows 7 era machine (2012) but it came preinstalled with Windows 10 along with a refurb installation code. The hard drive has about 15K hours (mostly idle/sleep time) and after 10 months of ownership and almost daily use, it seems to work just like any new computer. The matte finish keyboard had no wear to speak of. Which leads me to believe it was replaced or used with a docking station. Heck, even the cpu fan and vents were spotless. For $150 I got a decent bargain on an otherwise still useful laptop.

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