Avoiding Common PC Building Traps – Episode 1

What are some common pitfalls of building your own PC, and how do you avoid them?

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20 thoughts on “Avoiding Common PC Building Traps – Episode 1

  • Hey i Messed up my first Asus Z97 deluxe USB 3.1 (10Gb) when i applied thermal paste at first it was liquide before the sticky usual stuff comes out it dripped on the LGA 1150 socket that i tried to clean up and messed up the socket beyond use

  • Are there really people who don't use the Gpu screws to connect it tightly to the case? :O …..can't imagine

  • Hi, I need help. I just put together a new build and when I try to turn it on. I have no working USB and no post. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

  • I wish i saw this video before i build my own 700 dollars budged pc because once i build my pc and i played for few weeks and just yesterday when i was playing apex legends in very high resolution my power supply exploded. I tried to test my other components in the rig but without power supply i could not 🙁. #feelsbadman

  • My advice to anyone building a PC, don’t rush through it because you want to benchmark it to find out the performance you have achieved or how smoothly your games play with your hard earned money and the time invested in finding the right parts at hopefully good deals and if/when you become flustered which is sure to happen even as an experienced builder. Put everything down and chill out for a while and come back to it. Like LTT has suggested before. Use something non conductive to dry run the main components before you shove everything into your case and when it all works, take your time putting it in the right way which includes cable management and the like. there is Nothing like building your PC only to take it back apart because it looks like crap. Things like PCI slots, memory slots, etc with little plastic tabs do get worn out and they can break.

  • Ram first, then cooling. When I was still a first year student, I finally had some cash but not allot. Still arcieved to get a nice big fat cooling, in that time from cooler master. Result: could not plug in my all my four ram cards.

    Cable management! You'll thank yourself later. Ofcourse there is more. But even today, while I have so many systems build already, I'm still mindful of these.

    Gues the horror of deconstructing that time, left it's malware in my brain.

  • For my latest upgrade I bought two identical RAM sticks months apart from each other only to find out that ram kits matter, which was very surprising considering that I've always used RAM sticks of different sizes, hell, even different manufacturers before and never had an issue yet these two identical sticks refused to play nice with each other the one time I decided to "do it right"

    Luckly for me, bumping up the DRAM voltage by a tiny bit fixed the frequent BSODs. So yeah don't cheap out on these 10 bucks and buy a kit!

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