HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, and DVI as Fast As Possible

Display connectors like HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, and DVI can be confusing for even seasoned techies! What are the differences? Which one should I use?

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34 thoughts on “HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, and DVI as Fast As Possible

  • I have a 144hz monitor that is 1080p. I only have the option for DVI, VGA, and HDMI. Which should I choose or should I get an adapter for display port?

  • Everything you say about hdmi vs VGA totally contradicts my recent experience: I'm using an RCA 1080p flatscreen 32" TV for a monitor for about a year now. My pc is a 2010 vintage Win 7 machine that I connected to the TV's VGA input. Worked great, looked great, no complaints. Recently purchased a new computer with an expensive (NVIDIA GeForce) graphics card. It had no VGA out so I connected it to the tv via hdmi cable. As I was first using it, an overwhelming feeling of dissatisfaction with my purchase came over me. For one thing, the display was off the edges of the screen. I googled this problem, discovered it was called overscan and I was able to fix it. But the feeling persisted and I gradually realized that my display (on the same TV) looked like crap! The text all looked like it had been etched in with the edge of a screwdriver and the photos, whatever format, were blurry. There was no question about this as I could switch between the two computers by selecting different 'sources' on the TV remote, and could compare them directly. The VGA connected computer has crisp, clear text and photos, the hdmi totally doesn't. At first I thought it might be a difference between Win 7 and Win 10. I tried taking a screen shot of the new computer to make a side by side comparison, but when I transferred the screen shot to the old computer via a flashdrive, I was shocked to open the .png in a browser on the older computer and see that the screenshot when viewed on the older computer looked fine! Crisp text and photos. That proved to me that the problem was the TV or the connection. Looking at my old computer, I realized that it also had no VGA out; it was DVI and I had put an adapter on it back in 2010 to make it compatible with the monitor I had then and I'd forgotten about it. And I noticed the old computer had an hdmi port, so I tried connecting it to the TV via hdmi – result: OVERSCAN for one, and the same crappy looking text and graphics I was hating about the new pc! What I now know is I hate hate hate the way pc over hdmi looks (and so does everyone else I showed it to) and I'm awaiting delivery of an hdmi to VGA cable and hope hope hoping it looks as good as the display on the old computer. Anyone else have bad experience connecting a pc to a TV via hdmi?

  • Um, when I hook up my pc with HDMI to my big TV the picture is sharp and clear, but when I connect it to the smaller TV I have, the borders and margins of everything are soft. The funny thing is, if I connect the small TV to an HD television reciever the picture is sharp and clear. I am confused!

  • A questin dont laught about this im not good on this but can you skip pull in a 6 pin or 8 pin cable to the card or do you must do that bc i dont know if my computer have 6 pin cable and the card im going to buy have a 6 pin

  • DisplayPort to HDMI only lets me upscale to 4k-8k but HDMI lets me do 4K60 and upscale to 8K60. Why can i not do 4K over DisplayPort? Does DisplayPort only work with DisplayPort?

  • I'm pretty sure he was on morphine after the dentist and the video was sped up for final publish. I slowed it down and yeah he was drunk or medicated. That aside, the comparison is interesting but biased toward display port, I have all these and have used active display port to get eyefinity running, vga works provided your monitor is accepting max xga res and the cord has good coils to filter out any unwanted signals. Dvi is awesome and very reliable and hdmi is thee most unreliable of them all with signal drop out, cord failure and internal connection breakage. I would like to see a connector like headphone jack using 5 or so leads which transmit digital signals, this way it could spin freely and be plugged in no matter the orientation. For now, display port rules, but the active connectors cost way too much.

  • LINUS Where can i find good Display port cables that are vesa certified and not going to stop working after a few months. Why are they so hard to find? I don't want to have to pay $50 for a cable.

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