Choosing the Right Gaming LCD Monitor as Fast As Possible

Gaming monitors are TOUGH to choose. There are so many specs that seem to be simply designed to CONFUSE potential customers. In just a few minutes we cut through the BS and tell you what to look for!

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20 thoughts on “Choosing the Right Gaming LCD Monitor as Fast As Possible

  • 144Hz and higher are great except that only high end graphics cards can actually match the fill rate required, so as not to have judder whilst apparently capable of displaying the resolution at 144Hz. This gets worse with 1440p or higher resolution high refresh monitors, where DisplayPort version also matters.

  • If I have a 4k monitor but set my pc to run at 1080p for a specific game, will that reduces the strain on the GPU that Linus begins talking about at 1.10 in this video?

  • Around 2:50, you use competition as a pro point on why a high refresh rate is better. Really? I should be thinking about a high refresh rate because it'll make me pwn someone? You didn't think to explain it with a point like, "The image will be smoother and potentially provide a more immersive gaming experience"?

    Points like the one you made are why the gaming community is trash. People don't play games for fun anymore, they play games to prove digital dominance over someone else. Games aren't made as artworks anymore, it's all the same rehashed Call of Duty and Battlefield franchises in which there's no brain power required. See someone, shoot, win, repeat.

    Damn, LTT. You're sprinkling spoiled spices onto the gaming community.

  • Hi all. A WARNING – Acer VG0 Nitro series "gaming monitors" here in Australia anyway do not have display port and DO NOT have 144hz. Advertising is totally misleading. The Nitro VGO series appear to be 60hz at all frame rates exept native 1980 x where a flickery and poor brightness 75hz is possible. Even the unsigned incomplete drivers "vg270" clearly have support for only upto 75hz at 1980. All others 60 hz …. MEANING ACER NITRO SERIES is SUS to the MAX…Essentially the Australian model released with only vga and HDMI is clearly bieng sold as a gaming 144hz capable monitor when it is clearly NOT…Acer customer service is woefull to say the least and I strongly advise you to NOT purchase this monitor for gaming you will be HIGHLY CRANKY like me…thanks ACER…thanks a whole F load…I already own a 60hz monitor GRRRRRRRRR should call em ACER VGO NOTRIGHTO FFS misleading gaming badging and inappropriate advertising deserves all it gets and more it's really theft…I could have purchased an actual gaming monitor….details… Nitro VGO Series Acer 27" Gaming Monitor VG270 bmiix SNID 81305003442 inputs – d-sub (vga) 2x HDMI. Advertised as 1ms 144hz capable monitor….LOL bastards.

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