Premium Cables as Fast As Possible

Premium cables. Do we need them or are they snake oil?

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50 thoughts on “Premium Cables as Fast As Possible

  • Cables for soundcomponents make a night and day diffrence though, if you have good components to actually resonate the difference premium sound cables give. For displayport, meh.. no difference 99% of the time. What linus say is true. Just go for what you feels best in your hand abd pocket. You wont be dissapointed either way.

  • Well…. Technically speaking. HDMI cables of length over 10m should be better quality. and im not talking about a million money cable. but maybe 100 usd ++ that has adequate shielding. I had to buy an quite expensive optical cable due to the length of it. funny thing is the guy in the store told me. well its not a premium cable. I told him, and it dosnt really matter on an optical. either it works or not.

  • Good cabling with good equipment makes sense. Just don't go over the top and check before you buy by listening, comparing, reading reviews, and not being put off too much by guys like this who seem to me to be a bit too dismissive. End of the day: you need a high fidelity ear but don't be a fool either. Set a sensible budget and be satisfied that you are genuinely hearing an improvement, not just a difference. I'll bet most of the negative comments here come from guys who listen to music through an iPhone, use television speakers, or boom-boxes. With these personal limitations then that's cool. They're happy and saving bomb. But if you have subtlety and a good ear then use it. BUT DO be sceptical, especially of extreme thumping such as here, and salesmen who try to sell you without proper listening, at home, and the ability to return for a full refund if you are not satisfied.

  • I get a much better picture and sound on Netflix after I bought 6000 miles of gold plated super shielded HDMI cable my TV is plugged directly into the Netflix server and not using that old coper wire used in the outside telephone wires.

  • Premium cables are a thing of the past! Using the latest unknown technology I can now charge any cable with premium electrons for a brighter, clearer signal with greatly enhanced soundstage transparency and voicing. Your eyes will see colors that never existed before! Your ears will communicate with bats! Your hair will be thicker and more luxurious. 8" or more guaranteed.

  • I bought monster caple that has about 300% discount with 300$ original price. It claims an unlimited speed 4k hdr with other features. I bought it for gaming to be honest but I feel like wasting my money .

  • It's not the picture quality. It's the build quality. The cheaper ones are built utter shit. Amazon brand has good quality at a great price. Crap Chinese brand fall apart and do affect your picture.

    Buy good quality cheap cables from Amazon or any US local maker.

  • I got a bunch of different HDMI cables ranging from $4 to $49, and other than looking fancy, I can't see any difference.

  • Sorry Linus your miss informed like so many others. Stay away from reviewing or commenting on Audio products, stick with what your good at, computers

  • @Linustechtips Please do a tech quicky explaining how to fix the stupid DCHP black screens when using old and new HDMI hardware…
    Sick of having to fix this for my family members.

  • As for USB, I find that some ones take hours to charge my phone while another one (sometimes costing less) charges it at optional speed. It sucks that there's no way to tell before buying the cable.
    Or is there?

  • It’s funny how normally these videos are pretty neutral about different tech, but you get Linus talking about premium cables and he gets savage lmao

  • I use pretty much all Monster cable that I've never paid over $5 for. Second hand store has the hook up if you're patient

    Despite what he said, I picked up a silver cable for some kinda bassy headphones and it did a little bit to balance it out over the stock ones

  • Actually, I can't recall a time I've been talked into buying a more expensive cable because it would give me beer video quality. But then again, I don't think I've ever bough a cable new before. I've just… acquired them. Actually now that I think about it, I did buy a 20 foot HDMI cable once, but I just bought it and walked out of the store.

  • For the audio world at least i have some specifications for speaker and rca audio interconnects that might be considered interesting here are some electrical measurements taken by use of shorting one end for inductance and resistance measuring the other or leaving on end open and testing the other for capacitance. I used a DER EE de5000 LCR meter to take these measurements:

    For signal level cables first shielding then capacitance/inductance and then resistance from greatest to least difference. The lower the numbers the better.

    Cable Test 10khz

    BJC LC-1 3ft
    cap: 44pf
    ind: 0.62uH
    ohm: 0.589

    AR master series 6ft
    cap: 160pf
    ind: 1.5uH
    ohm: 0.15

    AR performance series 3ft
    cap: 90pf
    Ind: 0.75uH
    ohm: 0.117

    AR master series comp 3ft
    cap: 63pf
    Ind: 0.4uH

    AR master series comp 6ft
    cap: 113pf
    Ind: 0.7uH
    ohm: 0.049

    Wireworld Luna 1.5ft
    cap: 145pF
    ind: 0.3uH
    ohm: 0.116

    Wireworld solstice 1.5ft
    ind: 0.28uH
    ohm: 0.107

    Audioquest Chicago 1.5ft
    cap: 64.5pF
    ind: 0.46uH
    ohm: 0.058

    Monster 400mk2
    cap: 175pf
    ind: 0.8uH
    ohm: 0.086

    Monster 300mk2 3ft
    cap: 114pF
    ind: 0.86uH
    ohm: 0.121

    Belkin pureav blue 3ft
    cap: 120pF
    ind: 0.76uH
    ohm: 0.16

    Monster m1000comp DIY 1ft
    cap: 30pf
    ind: 0.26uH
    ohm: 0.021

    Monster m1000comp 4ft
    cap: 71pf
    ind: 0.56uH
    ohm: 0.035

    Monster 2cv comp 6ft
    cap: 88pf
    ind: 0.68uH
    ohm: 0.102

    Mogamj 2534 2ft
    cap: 110pF
    ind: 0.29uH
    ohm: 0.043

    Silver DIY:
    cap: 18pf
    ind: 0.17uH
    ohm: 0.005

    Audio 2000s 1.5ft
    cap: 44pf
    ind: 0.3 uH
    ohm: 0.028

    C2G sonicwave 3ft
    cap: 90pf
    ind: 0.51uH
    ohm: 0.095

    C2G sonicwave comp 6ft
    cap: 120pf
    ind: 0.84uH
    ohm: 0.142

    DIY silver copper teflon 20awg 1.5ft
    cap: 93pf
    Ind: 0.38uH

    DIY silver teflon 16awg 2.5ft
    cap: 263pf
    ind: 0.42uH
    ohm: 0.042

    DIY silver teflon 3wire braid silver teflon 26awg 2feet
    Cap: 30pf
    ind: 0.42uh
    Ohm: 0.1

    For speaker cables it goes resistance then capacitance/inductance and shielding is not needed as the signal is not amplified and is of high level. The lower the numbers the better

    Cable Test 10khz
    Speaker Cable

    Sky high 8-2 3.7ft
    cap: 77pf
    Ind: 0.61uH
    ohm: 0.005

    Sky high 8-2 7ft
    cap: 148pf
    ind: 1.2uH
    ohm: 0.012

    Auvio12-2 4ft
    cap: 82pf
    ind: 1.17
    ohm: 0.017

    Auvio 12-2 7ft
    cap: 115pf
    ind 1.6uH
    ohm: 0.024

    NVX 12-2 7ft
    cap: 135pf
    ind: 1.45 uH
    ohm: 0.023

    Knuwkonceptz 10-2 clear BFA 6ft
    cap: 152pf
    ind: 1.22uH
    ohm: 0.014

    Knukonceptz 10-2 blue 3ft
    cap: 60pf
    ind: 0.59uH
    ohm: 0.005

    Stinger 10-2 4ft
    cap: 73pf
    ind: 0.71uH
    ohm: 0.006

    Monster xp 16-2 8ft
    cap: 118pf
    ohm: 0.076

    Belden 10-2 6ft
    cap: 142pf
    ind: 0.88uH
    ohm: 0.01

    Flat 16-2 6ft
    cap: 88pf
    ind: 1.47
    ohm: 0.058

    16-4 braid 3ft
    Cap: 80pf
    ind: 0.46
    Ohm: 0.011

    On my personal setup i would say that sound is improved by better cables but i would never spend over 100$ on any cable even in much higher end equipment.

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