What's the Difference Between Monitors and TVs?

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Monitors and TVs are strikingly similar these days – but have they become interchangeable, or are there still important differences between them?

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28 thoughts on “What's the Difference Between Monitors and TVs?

  • I have i7-4790 processor 24 gb ram Asus b85m-g processor rtx 2070 8gb graphic card with rm850x smps. I can't use photoshop. It gets crashed when I enable graphic processor. Can you find what's the problem

  • yeah, but I dont know to explain this technically, tvs are so bright that you cant use them in 80cm distance for more than 15min otherwise you will get blind…just try yourself!

  • The Asus PG27UQ I have has quantum dots and HDR, as well as high refresh rates + gsync, so theres no reason not to use it as my main display for everything lol from netflix to ps4 to my blu ray player and my gaming pc

  • My Sony ZF9 should be a pretty 'decent' monitor. Without about a 20 ms response time and 120 Hz refresh rate. Although high-end Samsung QLED TV's from last year and this year should fare a bit better. They have a lower refresh rate and do support freesync.

    Still not as good as a gaming monitor, but definitely excellent if you hook up your PC to it for 4K gaming while sitting back on the couch/sofa.

  • awsome to the title: none, both have the same issue usually ! the ruban wire is usually taped to the metal chassis directly or some wire at the edge ! easy fix tho. you put what you put Under feel of chair but between the ruban wire and the steel chassis then you put back tape . no more problem of ruban tape touching

  • Another issue I have with most tvs as a pc screen come from limited resolution choices. My wife wanted a bigger screen and the easiest and cheapest solution was using a tv but if she has any issues where I have to load the bios, I have to connect her pc to my monitor because her tv can't display the bios resolution. I've seen this issue many times on various tvs as a monitor

  • My middle tier TV has a gaming/pc mode that has a comparable response time to a monitor. So that should not be a problem for most TV.

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    her in the uk i get unliited downloads for 40 a month with a 300gbps connection . this includes home fone and basic tv packages . i have aping of around 96 to the usa and canada .
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  • thats one apple to oranges comparison.
    best of one aspect to the worst of the other and then try to make a point with these two extreme fixpoints, and with examples from the way in the past as proof.
    I got both, like many people and I would previously have stated to stay away from TV to be used as monitors but that viewpoint has completely changed in 2017 after I got my first 2017 LG OLED TV.- simply ridiculous how solid that big OLED screen performs with monitor content. (so extremely crisp in 4k 60 or fx 1080p 120hz)
    The diode-refresh rate is miles ahead of LCD monitors and LCD TVs for that matter and the response time is around 20ms on high potent 4-4-4 HDR 4K 60 so that aspect is still a long way from sub5ms on most monitors .
    also, think Linus has notice how solid these modern TVs performs as monitors as he is using a TV LG OLED W7 as the offices big wall computer-monitor. (many viewers have asked if all this OLED TV as computer monitor has made burn in, but haven't seen him answered that question)
    Im not gaming a lot anymore on PC monitors' as I have noticed how much I appreciate the immersive effect and a huge screen-canvas, so its usually Xbox X on big LG OLED TV or computer attached to OLED-TV screen.. its not perfect but its nowhere near as bad as it usually was by using a common TV as your computer monitor.

    And it makes sense why many of the gaming developers like Alienware now wanna use TV panels as their gaming monitors.
    and simply buy LG WOLED 55" panels that are used on the TV market and make big gaming computer monitors.
    OLED has tumble how good a TV performs as a computer monitor.

  • Don't forget that TV's have processing features that degrade the image… although sometimes that degradation can look better than a perfect reproduction. For example for video playback, a lot of content is encoded for luma in the 15-250 range, which looks crappy on a monitor. TVs will usually crush 15 to 0, which is why content is encoded that way, and why it looks better on the TV even when it's degrading the signal.

  • GSync and FreeSync are about lowering input lag, not avoiding tearing. Avoiding tearing just requires swapping framebuffers in sync with the display controller refresh, which is a software issue. Dynamic sync rates do change the software strategy to keep it in sync though 🙂

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