Self-Driving Car Levels Explained

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The Society of Automotive Engineers uses six different levels to describe the extent to which a car is “self-driving” – but what’s the point of this system, and what are the differences between the levels?

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28 thoughts on “Self-Driving Car Levels Explained

  • To achice 100% autonomus (level 5), u must hawe 100% atificial intelligense, and 100% AI wil not be able, befor we get Kvante/Quantum based tecnoligy, Silocone based tecnologi are not able to handle that job! We vil mamby se Kvante/Quantum tecnology in 100 years time! just mabye! if u dont hawe 100% atonomus, it wil demand a Driver for safty reasons!

  • My Tesla does great on the 101. Here a pro tip use some self aggressive Velcro and Velcro a bobblehead to the 10 o'clock position on the steering wheel and it won't bother you about touching the wheel at all, it really works. And when you want to drive you can just take it off. I can do my makeup on the way to work and even nap on the way home.

  • Sounds like level 5 vehicles would require real-time game theory analysis of all participants, in all situations; Taking 'significant' quantifiable (conceived) factors into account. This means depending on how liability will be doled out by the courts this could be incredibly complex.

  • would love a class 4 sports car that I can set to class 2,1, and 0 modes in order to allow me to enjoy driving my car but also have a "road trip that I can nap through unless some crazy shit happens and my car parks itself" mode

  • Reeeeeeee. I think (don't know obv.) that we/they are putting way too much into something that could be pretty simple. They don't need AI, or at least super smart AI-That Hero phone has about enough in it to do it already; just something that can recognize road hazards-pedestrians, cyclists, animals, debris. They already have traction systems to deal with snow and ice and other causes of sliding. Anyway, just vehicles that can see 360 degrees for hazards, and that all 'talk' to each other – creating a huge network that knows exactly where every car is, everywhere, not just the immediate proximity of 'your' car. Then collectively by knowing where every car is and what its doing, whats going on around it. It talks to all the other cars or 'the network' and all the other cars react accordingly. Like think of it existing in a computer, a simulation. As soon as someone gets in their car at home and enters it's destination; the network knows exactly where that car is going to be at a certain time. Lol this is harder to explain than I thought. Pretty much what will happen is transportation with this system becomes super efficient. If all cars know where all other cars are, than the fast lane on a highway can be whatever speed the network see's as safe, meaning when it's good, crazy fast, whatever the vehicles can physically handle. As soon as a person gets in their car at home and puts in the destination, the network knows exactly when they are going to get to the fast lane on the highway and exactly when to open a spot for it to move into it. Constant'y recalculating for new info, like when someone else put in their destination, or if a road hazard comes up. Like the cars don't so much have to self drive, but let a network drive them. yuh know? lol. So they should just make that system, then have new cars have it mandatory to have (cars that still are people driven for now); then when all cars on the road have it- which I mean, could take 20 years but- then it gets switched on and we all go self driving. No crazy bs, just have them all connected.
    Like 'the network' only really exists on the cars themselves, it's not like a city run computer/server somewhere. Like the internet of things but actually useful. It would be so dope. I hope it gets like that, and soon. I ride a bicycle. It would be cool not to worry about getting hit anymore lol. Imagine if it was all computer controlled, no one would care about bikes anymore, the network would just filter the blocked lane into the other lane perfectly, super efficiently, you'd hardly know there was a bike there. And as soon as the first car see's the bike, immediately all the other cars on that route could compensate for it, even before the people in the car see it. The only real issue for it to work properly is we need good quality GPS that never screws up, like google maps has directions that aren't right sometimes, I dunno if we have that already. Like I get they need the ability to handle going around road hazards, but if they all spoke to each other it would make it miles easier. If you made it in a simulation it seems like it would work flawlessly, so they could do it in real life. Pretty sure this is what it'll end up being, just how long? Hopefully soon. Sorry for the rant lol, I'm bored and have no one to talk to and got a bit triggered by how long this is all taking,,,,just do it already, we've been talking about it for 10 years and just barley got it going now, this is BS. We got phones that know what they're looking at, cars that can stop themselves from skidding all over the place, DO IT! JUST DO IT.
    Like I guess my outrage is that these cars they're still developing, not even on the road yet, or barely, are going to end up being the first gen self driving cars and are going to end up being obsolete when the second gens come out that have this ability. It's going take forever until all cars are self driving, we're taking the scenic route to get there it seems. I'm calling Elon, this is dumb.
    OMG- I just took a shower and thought of something during it: Imagine intersections with this system…fuckin amazing, there wouldn't be lights or stop signs, the network would just time it perfect, cars could fly past each other at full speed (not full maybe but fast) missing each other by inches, just enough to compensate for any malfunctions that could occur. Imagine two six lane roads intersecting. Just a basket weave of cars flying past each other in all directions. As you approach your car slows or speeds up a bit to fit perfectly between two cars going across the same intersection. Pedestrians could push the walk button and just start going pretty much, the cars would change lanes and flow perfectly around them as they walk across! :O This is going to be dope af. Speed limits are going to be so much higher. Pls Lord Elon. Pls. I tweeted him btw. fingers crossed. Like eventually this will happen, but this is what their focus should be right now.

  • Hey any recs on a VERY affordable car (new if under $26000, but preferably used) that’s at least a solid level 2. My friend has a civic with all the driving assist options, but I’ve read their system has bugs.

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