What Data Does Windows 10 Send to Microsoft?

Your Windows 10 installation is probably sending quite a bit of information to Microsoft. Just what sorts of things are being sent, and could they be used to identify you or your activities?

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33 thoughts on “What Data Does Windows 10 Send to Microsoft?

  • I understand that "SHUTUP10" is a free program that gets into Microsoft's sneaky spyware that allows the user to disable that which is designed not to be messed with! The thing is, the user has to run the program after major updates and the like as some of the disabled features, like telemetry mysteriously became enabled again! What about the word "NO" do they not understand?

  • Why can't we deliberately send false info to Microsoft? That would teach them; the info they get is not correct, HA! There are so many mods, de-encryption programs etc… yet i find nothing about this on the web… πŸ™

  • Installing Windows 10 as i’m writing this comment. P.S. Gt a Cpl msic albm will i b sentcd t py 4 em? 😩. Need to know ASAP before it finishes. πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ

  • To be honest, I don't really care about what Microsoft knows about me… I'm honestly surprised if they still collect my data… considering how some if my recent searches are of how to install Windows XP on VirtualBox… and how to get Windows Vista and 7… and how to get Aero back…

    I'm still waiting on a way to get Windows XP to work properly on VirtualBox btw… it's installed, but won't connect to the Internet because of missing drivers.

  • I Have…

    Disabled cortana
    Disabled Bing Start Menu web search
    Uninstalled Windows 10 bloatware
    Restricted Candy Crush from installing and running
    Removed OneDrive from the File Explorer

  • Key point … "huge Tech Firms" not just Microsoft and we wonder how they just come up with better things that are "user friendly" perhaps Microsoft is the least in a ring of sharks being that all the Firms do this at least Microsoft is somewhat transparent … also they get the most shit for doing what every other Firm does like Apple even though the hipsters love em. In a day and age where we live in a huge prison called earth and everyone wants a piece of the "spy on the consumer" profit and information because we are content with the things they offer to keep us quiet because if they didn't there would be a social revolution on the side of democracy true democracy were the government and corporations would have to listen to the people being that we are the most valued resource on the planet being that without us there would be nothing built or no Windows OS or computers it would be a dead waste of a planet… yes it takes people that's why there is a system of control in place to herd the masses into a dormant state were we are nothing more than consumers that are spied on for the elite. But I am an elite so good times ….

  • If you think it’s perfectly cool of corporations to steal your data because you have β€œnothing to hide”, you are a cuckold of a consumer and you are exactly the type of brainwashed moron Microsoft wants.

  • If you have a good firewall, for example Avast, and you set it up to ask permission to send data out, you will start to see that Windows 10 takes screenshots via a program called "smartscreen" and then sends those screenshots to Microsoft. It will take screenshots of anything and everything and it will send these screenshots via all sorts of different IP address. …open a porn vid? It will take a screenshot of it. Even opening a text file engages the smartscreen program. And you will never see this going on unless you have a firewall asking you to allow it.

  • Just registry edit the telemetry off. Done. They shouldn't leave the options to be on slow medium of high data collecting it should have a setting to deactivate without having to change registry keys on your own smhh

  • Those pesky Jews and their chicanery, I swear the day will come (fingers crossed) where a truly unbiased platform will be financed WITHOUT the shekel … They are indeed pesky little varmints . And if it wasn't for Scooby doo !!!! …. heh heh .

  • you forgot to mention how they are also listening in and passing that on for advertising , and the same goes with iphones , you can be talking about the most obscure things in the room with the vises on then go to youtube and bingo there it is on your youtube bunch of cunts.

  • is anyone interested in supporting a gofundme for the design and manufacture of an anti spy computer system? My idea is to mass produce linux based computers that are designed to protect users from data theft from big corporations and other people will malicious intent. The big plus here is that it would be just as easy to use as any regular pc with Windows 10.

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