10 Best Kodi Repository You Should Install in 2019

Kodi is a hugely popular media player application with support for various streaming services and platforms. It has a massive library of add-ons which can be accessed from the official Kodi repository. Besides that, there are third-party repositories which host some really useful and interesting add-ons. Generally, these add-ons are not found in the official Kodi repository so users look for a third-party repository. To make things easier for you, we have compiled the 10 best Kodi repository which you can install on your device.

Note: Many of the third-party Kodi repos host and stream copyrighted content. Streaming protected content is illegal and amounts to piracy. We do not encourage online piracy in any way or form.

Best Kodi Repository You Should Install in 2019

Before we go through the best Kodi repository, let us find out how we can install third-party repositories on top of the official one. If you are a long time user of Kodi and know how to do this, you can skip to the next section to see our list of the best Kodi repository.

How to Install Kodi Repository

1. Open Kodi and switch to the “Add-ons” tab on the left. After that, click on “Install from the ZIP file” tab on top-right corner.

How to Install Kodi Repository 12. Here, locate the downloaded ZIP file on your device and click on the “OK” button. The repository will be installed right away.

How to Install Kodi Repository 2

Best Kodi Repository

1. Maverick Repo

Maverick Repo is one of the most popular third-party repositories on Kodi. The official Kodi repository is good for basic use but if you are looking for endless content then Maverick Repo is the one to install. It packs 14 popular add-ons which can take care of all your content need. The most exciting part about this repo is that it has add-ons like Flex, YouTube Music, Cartoon Network, etc. Other than that, you can stream 4K Ultra-HD videos from the long list of popular movies and shows. Under this repository, Maverick TV is the best add-on and you will be simply overwhelmed by the sheer volume of content. Without a doubt, Maverick Repo is the top third-party repository on Kodi.

1. Maverick RepoDownload the ZIP file: Maverick Repo (Free)

2. KodiBae

Exodus was one of the top repositories on Kodi, but at present, it is not in active development. Fortunately, a new developer has taken the task at hand and forked Exodus to create KodiBae. KodiBae is a new repository with all the promises of Exodus. Since it’s pretty new, there are some issues with dependency error and compatibility check. However, it has support for hugely popular add-ons like Seren, cCloud TV, PrimeWire, etc. Having such a long list of popular add-ons under a single repository makes KodiBae a compelling repository to have. If you are looking for a third-party repository which packs everything from sports, movies, wrestling, music, and TV shows then KodiBae is definitely worth the look.

2. KodiBae

Download the ZIP file: KodiBae (Free)

3. Kodi Nerds

Kodi Nerds is a powerful third-party repository with a huge library of add-ons. The interesting part is that most of the add-ons provide content from Europe. So if you are from the said place or just want to watch European content, you should install Kodi Nerds right away. It has got you covered for almost everything you are looking for in a media streaming application. Besides that, there is support for various services like subtitles, Twitter Feed, program add-ons like fast.com, skins to change appearance and more, all within the repository. A complete repository in itself and it’s absolutely great. So far, Kodi Nerds is the only third-party repository with a huge list of add-ons and services rivaling the official Kodi repository.

3. Kodi Nerds

Download the ZIP file: Kodi Nerds (Free)

4. Super Repo

Super Repo has an enormous library of addons and sub-repositories. There are various repositories branched out with support for different languages, music, movies, skins, services, and just about any content you want. The video repository is further categorized into add-ons which are based on food, travel, anime, news, etc. Basically, it’s a powerhouse of a repository and you will not have to look further for any kind of content. Along with that, it has programs and skins to changes the appearance of Kodi. You can also set custom weather from this repository. If you are an advanced user looking for a complete package, Super Repo is the repository to install.

4. Super Repo

Download the ZIP file: Super Repo (Free)

5. TVAddons

TVAddons is one of the most controversial repositories on Kodi. Many online streaming services have objected to illegal streaming through this repository. At present, there are multiple video and music streaming add-ons. Basically, TVAddons has a huge library of video add-ons, services, and programs. There is also an inbuilt Reddit browser and direct streaming through a proxy server. One of the most featured Kodi add-ons, Premiumizer is also available in this repository. Besides, it also has FM streaming within the repository itself. As it’s evident by now, TVAddons truly has a diverse library of add-ons and you can’t miss this repository.

5. TVAddons

Download the ZIP file: TVAddons (Free)

6. One Nation

One Nation is another Kodi repository with a decent library of add-ons. It has categorized the types of add-ons based on the content. For example, there is a sports section for viewing live sports, an essential section for some popular TV shows, and so on. Besides, it packs a powerful add-on called Deceit to stream all kinds of video content. You also get some popular video streaming add-ons like YouTube, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, etc. In essence, you will find One Nation repo quite sufficient for your content need. If you want to explore even more content, you can install “Power to the people” add-on which comes bundled with this repository.

6. One Nation

Download the ZIP file: One Nation (Free)

7. Supremacy

Supremacy, as the name suggests, is kind of supreme in bringing quality add-ons under its repository. It has got a decent number of popular add-ons like Yoda, Cartoon Network, Thunderstruck, etc. One good thing is that it has a subtitle add-on by Open Subtitles which seem to work better on Kodi than other subtitle alternatives. Also, you get a standalone Supremacy add-on which includes the most popular movies, TV shows, documentary, 3D movies, etc. The quality of video playback is quite good and we had no problem installing the add-on and playing large files of content. All in all, if you want a simple Kodi repository which has all the basic add-ons and has a broad selection of content, Supremacy is a good choice for you.

7. Supremacy

Download the ZIP file: Supremacy (Free)

8. Kodi Neu Erleben Repo

Kodi Neu Erleben is a large repository of add-ons with support for German as well as English content. There is a huge list of German add-ons having content in music, movies, TV shows, sports, and more. Along with that, there are lots of music based add-ons with support for Amazon Music, YouTube Music, and Spotify. So far in the list, KNE is the only repository to have a Spotify add-on. It’s is a great convenience as it’s not available on the official Kodi repository. Besides all of this, there are various programs, services, appearance control, etc. In essence, it’s a capable repository with a large library of add-ons and you should definitely try it out.

8. Kodi Neu Erleben Repo

Download the ZIP file: Kodi New Erleben (Free)

9. Simply Caz

Simply Caz is a popular repository among the Kodi users. It has various add-ons with selected music, shows, and YouTube videos. There are lots of US-based live channels which you can stream right from the repository. Besides that, there are three music streaming add-ons and you can choose the one according to your preference. A separate “Look and Feel” add-on also lets you customize the overall look of Kodi. To conclude, it’s not a large repository of add-ons but a popular one among the community because of its content selection. You can give it a look.

9. Simply CazDownload the ZIP file: Simply Caz (Free)

10. 13Clowns

13Clowns is a quite a small repository but has some interesting add-ons under its hood. It has a unique 13clowns video add-on which lets you watch some great circus content. Besides that, it also has add-ons for Cartoon Network and Adult Swim. Of late, this repository is making quite a noise among the Kodi community because of its content selection. If you want to try some off-beat content, you can install 13Clowns. I am pretty sure it won’t disappoint you.

10. 13ClownsDownload the ZIP file: 13Clowns (Free)

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Enjoy Kodi without Limitation with These Awesome Repos

So with that, we end our list of 10 best Kodi repository you should check out in 2019. As it always happens, the default feature of any device or product has certain limitations. To overcome that, we have to use third-party services. Similarly, with third-party repositories, there is so much that you can do on Kodi. However, you must also be aware of the security risks that come with it. So go through the list and use these repositories to find out which one is best suited for you. And if you have any questions or want to share some insights, you can comment down below.

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