AMD Crossfire vs NVIDIA SLI as Fast As Possible

NVIDIA SLI technology can be confusing, but this video should help you understand the basics in just a few minutes!

One thing I missed in the video (thanks Yoinkerman) is that SLI works in windowed mode, while Crossfire does not.

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31 thoughts on “AMD Crossfire vs NVIDIA SLI as Fast As Possible

  • Two questions I have a x79 system which imo is still more relevant as much as a 8700k or even 9900k… Can even beat it in certain benchmarks with my E-5 1680 v2 ivy bridge processor on it over clocks stable at 4.8.9…ghz stable with a 1.325 voltage and it never gets above mid seventy and usually not even close, did I mention, it only ever hits that when I am on air with higher end vapor chamber, meaning it could do even better, usually hovers in upper fifties at normal YouTube, porn or even lighter games so no issues there. I also realize I have a Gold E5 chip as in its a little better then most but even a bad one hits 4.6ghz so its great, long as one can aquire an x79 board (not a cheap net Ali express one that doesn't over clock properly to at all so the only thing holding x79 back is the lack of availability or when found which is usually eBay they will cost $650 to $1400 shipped used, depending which board you want… like x 58 but more money ND much more relevant. Wish you did some "back in time videos". Linus, like a little series for that as so many YouTubers up and coming faster then others like Tech Yes City also show us affordable older tech that was way ahead of its time as in x79, even x58 is fun whereas x79 is relevant and fun… can't wait for x99 to come down in price although still cheaper then x79, hmm… x79 came at a time where there was little to no 4k readily available as well as other things to truly test what Intel had given us like AMD's "Fine Wine" gpus… I mean Vega 56 and 64 should be no Brainerd to get and teach Nvidia a lesson in ripping us off no more however I understand you have kids to feed and sponsors but your the main one who can reach the masses, a shame…. As Intel certainly isn't going to tell us but I KNOW if they did another run of x79 boards as normal prices from release, they would sell as they are being sold more now used then they were when new, all top of the line A.K.A enthusiasts boards… maybe one day you will do more things or least a series, heck even a different channel with older but still relevant tech from quad core 2 duos to x58, x79 and above… #ivyBridgeWins #Still or Sandy… maybe not in efficiency but… anyway, in some cases it does win even if by small margins on performance where the following gens lost some performance edge for major or minimal shrinkage with the nanotechnology Era we are now in, meaning , again, efficiency.. That is what some of us want to see like ModsTek and especially Tech Yes City A.K.A the "Yes-Man" you need to reach back and pull these folks up or at least do some of the stuff they do in between all the new stuff you do that you must do, I get it… but don't sell out, not all of us can afford the latest and greatest and seek the best budget stuff even if it's older, some like rarer and to be different even though have the money like myself to see how far did Intel and and really come, you get the point. I just bought a confidential cpu 12 cores, 24 threads for just 235 shipped.. Another E5 to try… its a special clock here going to a confidential E5 which was the version one step from being the final processor released minus clock speed is 2ghz slower on all cores and 2ghz faster on all core turbo as you can indeed not over clock the e5 2600 series like you can the 1600 series which are a steal… like the 1650 v0 or version 2 as well as 1620, 1660 v2, etc… etc… anyway, it's the 2696 v2 special edition and it's gonna rock when I lock the turbo speed of the chip on all 12 cores and 24 threads to its 3.5. …more then happy medium between workstation and gaming machines when paired with vega 56 or vega 64 which again should be a no brainer too be the top cards… I was a sheep myself and brainwashed into Nvidia ripping us off for so long until I found a super cheap, nearly free older XFX 7990 (8990 dual gpu) which was AMD's answer to the 690 by Nvidia that let us all down.. Thank God I did as the card can still play most games and is really cool and on the rarer side. But again, the prices of Vega is insane over Nvidia I mean a vega 64 can take on and beat a 1070ti, now that is a deal but more important AMD's approach to its gaming gpu software is much more sensible if you ask me, I can never go back.. Also with the Ray tracing it's only going to need insane amounts of ram that won't exist in their future if it ever becomes a standard thus making even a 2080ti a waste… Nvidia knows what they are doing and I am onto them now… even if it does get huge and will have their own thing for it by then "on time" … Don't be surprised if team red surprises Nvidia just like they did Intel and are now ahead as they sat back and took all the hate for years grinning their teeth whilst working hard to change gaming and hardware forever with all the cores versus price.. I am now team red although still like Intel if not for only competition as that is healthy but Nvidia can go…. Blah… Onto my questions regarding this video… if I have a 7990 dual gpu in an older rig for lighter gaming and I want to truly triple crossfire for fun, can I use anything better then a 280x to pair with the dual card gpu 7990 and what type of adaptor will I needed to connect them if at all in this gen? I think it looks nicer to connect them if they make high end ones? Also, again, what is the best I can pair with this xfx 7990 triple stack card, 280x or is there a higher one that will work? Also, what card does it use when it's only using one card when in crossfire as I'd want it to use the stronger card however my xfx 7990 must stay in pcie 1 because it's a triple stack card and will only fit one more dual 280x or higher (if will work?) For triple crossfire.. Hope to get answer's to the questions I am seeking so a advanced thank you to anyone who helps with the knowledge of those two or three questions regarding my situation, Steve BTW: That "9400F cpu by Intel seems to be a spectacular budget cpu if one wants the latest architecture and size node from Intel, etc… it seems to be perfect for gaming as a budget option that's new paired with a vega 56 and cheaper asRock board as odd as that sounds, why not? As for the best bargains, they are still from 2013/14/15….mostly later 13…. BTW: Look at the price of a 4960x to this day, there is a reason for that… great chip ahead of its time and will be good another eight years or more imo… has Intel been ripping us off? I say go the xeon E5 root still on 16 series as all unlocked but hey, the 4960x is a beast….from….the….past…

  • Okay, so pretend you're in 2018. Are you there yet? Alright, sweet. So, would you be able to crossfire a Vega 56 and Vega 64 together?

  • I run a dual crossfire setup with 2x r9 290 xfx black edition's. Runs like a gtx 1080 on paper and definitely almost near performs like one. I have always been on the green team before this and probably will still continue to buy nvidia gpus, but this new gpu setup in my new pc i just built impresses me. Also I took into consideration that the 2x r9 290 xfx black edition setup also only bottlenecks my Core i5 8400 cpu by 1/2 of a percent. (one half of a single percent / or 0.005% bottleneck). So I basically designed the perfect dual gpu system. Or did I? let me know. (heat is my worst enemy i sometimes have to leave my glass side door off for cooling so the hot air can escape) :0

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