Net Neutrality as Fast As Possible

Net neutrality is a pretty hot button topic right now – but what is it?

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50 thoughts on “Net Neutrality as Fast As Possible

  • For all it's faults, WA passing it's own net neutrality bill in the face of the government stifling it is one of the best things this state has ever done.

  • I think there should be a general net neutrality but having certain exemptions such as priority of medical records over memes but also try to remain neutral by charging large companies proportionally to the bandwidth they use unbiased of politics.

  • So to be simple :
    1. Comcast and friend is a jerk
    2. ISP is asking us to pay higher bandwidth
    3. Internet is going to be paying if we didn't support net neutrality

    Yeah thats it i guess

  • The thing people miss is that be fore "the deal" Netflix did not pay Comcast previously. They paid a different ISP, Cogent, who then exchanged with Comcast in both directions. They wanted something faster than what the cogent and Comcast agreements stipulated, so they paid Comcast to connect directly to them, and not through cogent.

  • Wait, this is 2 years ago (close to 3), and now they are going to do that again? How much does the ISP want? They charged both sides! Otherwise Google and Facebook don't need a bull crap of the advertisements to sustain the connection at our data quota cost!

  • Hey dummies!! EVER HEARD OF ANTI TRUST LAWS?? Well I think they cover this non existent issue ALREADY. You pay for internet, you access sites (albeit a few online services) for free.
    The more you pay, the better service you get. Capitalism at its finest.

  • Didn't net neutrality become a law in 2014? If I remember correctly before 2014, it internet didn't suck. In fact, I don't recall it being any different than today, other than some places can get faster speeds, which still cost more

  • The current administration (and most of the U.S. Federal Government for that matter) do not see the Internet the same that we do. It is going to take a while (a couple decades at the least) before the new "iGen" generation begin occupying certain government positions. The Internet will be common knowledge for them and regulating it and classifying it as a utility will be a no brainer just like the regulation of current phone, electric and water services.

  • The debate should end at that analogy really, I think everyone would agree that changing speed limits or tolls on certain traffic lanes based on who is driving is fucking retarded.

  • Over here in the UK they are trying to regulate it from the advertising end down to end user. A trading standards will defo help, and hopefully it will make the actual ISP's bandwidth more transparent to the average Joe. For too long the ISP's have been hiding behind the 'Max Mb's a second' figures…… and 99.9% of the time, it's no where near.

  • Comcast used that fee to upgrade bandwidth limits and as a result customers had faster speeds for streaming than before. Bandwidth is limited Comcast was seeing peaks at their bandwidth limit. If you are on the Internet when bandwidth is maxed you may as well use a 56k modem. They needed to upgrade their systems to meet the demand caused by netflix's success.

  • At this point, looking to elected representatives will work only if first we fill streets too numerous to kettle, arrest, and be charged with felonies; kidnapped held susceptible to worse sentencing and harsher fines till legally sanctioned unlawful theft of an activist's money is paid, or by courts possibly confined, perpetually threatened being dragged from crowded bays thrown into solitary cells in a system out of anyone's control, where no one knows what happens, from merely exercising our right to lawfully assemble in order to get needed attention for one of many unacceptable problems fixed. Uncle Yankee Doodle Federal damned Sam was imperfectly flawed, from his barefoot deserter shooting, apple cider taxing, slave days constituted. Plus further undermined, by ever more greedy, ill gotten money enabled to buy confidential influence on Capital Hill –with notable exception of that fictional Mr. Smith. Makers of that saintly good, wholly better than simply innocent "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" movie were censured, if not hounded plumb out of Hollywood, clear from Washington DC powerfully blacklisted for not instead producing just another mind rotting film that towed a party line version of free-and-brave shit. Unauthorized authorship, ability of lobbyists to write our rules and regulations for unquestioningly enacted into so-called laws of the land, just to suit them, makes us still subject to unwarranted authority, like under King George. Slave wage labor workers of today would be even less aware, not as alerted to roots of oppressive conditions, cops shootings and all, without our uncompromised Web, mostly basic technology left in place, unadulterated, but just kept up. Do we like A G Bell's invention now flooded with impolite, unapologetic wrong numbers known as robo-calls, besides costing three prices and charges always only rising? Government lies as if that were their foremost job in office. Elitists get helped to steal themselves richer. What we want does not count nor matter to them, as long as we stay drugs and entertainment distracted, pacified, remaining sufficiently subdued, either on couches or else in jail. FCC would not register my opinion, this summer. They went dark, I think blaming it on John Oliver. Essentially, a live streamed, stone age short, message screen said: “Site down because that is as unresponsive as we can get.” At the same time, Sen. Chochran's staffer feigned dense inability to understand, acting as if she could tell no difference between leaving the Internet perfectly accessible and unbridled or, haha, improved. She tried to switch subjects onto another issue confused: that of providers, hehehe, providers? staying in their narrow capacity of non-interested pipeline utilities, while not siphoning off population data for sharing with corporations. However, actually she as well as I both knew that paticular unpopular legislation was already a done deal been enacted, which Trump had passed as one of his first things. Therefore I was not interested in talking about it, for getting diverted, sidetracked. She finally just hung up. My other senator's staffer, named David, contacted with some difficulty, exhibited a smart fifth grader's lack of understanding. He finally just said, “Sounds good,” after I had said, “The Internet is wonderful just like it is. Don't fuck with it.” Days later, from Sen. Wicker's office my cookie cutter form letter on expensive stationary came. It obviously meant to deflate further attempt, did defeat my concerned citizen stated purpose. (My mail carrier was so vengefully derelict, between 2009 to 2014, USPS service itself got increasingly atrocious. I wrote 17 letters, to no avail, except it taught that they are not there, none of them. But never mind that. After my postal service, progressively gotten worse, up to and including entirely suspended, as penalty for trying; I now have a sort of third world level unreliable delivery reinstated.) David, or at least Wicker et al skillfully, stubbornly failed to recognize I had unequivocal conveyed I want our Internet just as it is, for the people to use however we may please. A slick sheet ballyhooed new and novel innovation; advertised hands of developers freed to create unimaginable and undreamed of progress. It was page stapled to his fake senatorial correspondence, itself obviously specifically composed so ambiguous, as to be impossible, except to promote head-scratching, while thwarting all hope for that governmental communication attempt. They are all a bunch of sneaky money grubbers. How do I know? Mostly from information which has been available, clic, click-clik, to be found on a free, openly accessible, unfettered Inet; not as of yet a neo-McCarthyite fishing net cast to capture and enclose us more entrapped, like just dumb ass fools, many languishing in for-profit prisons –as is happening fast, by fiat of loose canon members of congressional committees' activities against honest, simple grass roots America. We are being more squeezed at accelerated rate, every which way you look. This Net MY NET. This Net YOUR NET. Our taxes bought and paid for it.

  • GREAT Video Linus, please don't listen to the haters–you actually answered a lot of the questions I left on your WAN show video. But then, here's what I see the problem being more in the US. It's less an issue about corporations being more or less regulated, and a few corporations "Comcast–coughcough" being a shitheel. The solution to that isn't to force all of the internet under an imperfect government's watchful eye, but to break up monopolies like Comcast and Mediacom (like we have here in the Midwest) and say that there need to be several smaller companies competing for ISP customers. Thus, that would force innovation as the consumer would have more choice, higher quality, and in the end, pay less for an uncensored internet, because as soon as one company started to censor, they'd move to another. Plain and simple.

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