Amateur Radio (Ham Radio) as Fast As Possible

Despite the growth of the Internet, ham radio is still a popular hobby. How does it work, and how is it still relevant in the digital era?

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50 thoughts on “Amateur Radio (Ham Radio) as Fast As Possible

  • Meteor scatter isn't bouncing the signal off the meteor itself, its instead bouncing the signal off the ionized trail a meteorite leaves behind as it burns up in the Earths atmosphere. Its one of the hardest things to do in ham radio, and to say you've done is a huge accomplishment.

  • I occasionally build paper hot air balloons that fly away, so high i never see them again and have no idea where they go, and i do small Arduino projects, I've got to build a gps tracker!

  • On 9/11, I was sitting on my radio (well, not sitting actually ON it, but in front of it, ready to help), in case a relay was needed to my area. Thankfully, nobody needed a message relayed to someone in my neighborhood, but I was ready to serve.

  • its a great hobby especially if your into building a system it can be very rewarding and for sure a can be a life saver

  • Nice description Linus, one correction – hams bounce signals of the ionized meteor trails in the atmosphere, not the actual meteors (that would be a very small signal). ­čÖé

  • Can anyone tell me Why in the United States we don't have a VHF CB (Analog) or Digital CB VHF ?
    CB is at the fringe of HF, and is for Long Distance communication. and UHF CB also known as FRS/GMRS is 460 MHz.
    FRS/GMRS is really for Urban city use, but because they put Stubby Antennas in the radios, they are Marketed as Outdoor Radios, but they really should have Proper High Gain HAM antennas so that they can be used in Cities. then my proposal makes a CB VHF radio frequencies to be used for Outdoor Applications , they would have better performance than the FRS/GMRS radios. Personally , CB is fine in AM/SSB mode, but my NEW VHF CB, should be Digital and FRS/GMRS UHF should be Digital as well.

  • Linus does a great job covering the main aspects of Amateur Radio. I really like how he didn't just lean on emergency communications etc… Well done Linus! I decided to just search YouTube for amateur radio to see what the top his would be and this video was right at the top. The fact that there are over 700+ comments says something. I'm not going to read all of them, but I wonder if Linus is licensed. ­čśë 73 (best regards) Linux de (from) Max NG7M

  • There are some things you forgot to mention for which ham radio is not permitted to be used. You cannot use it for business communications or any other type of financial gain, and you cannot transmit encrypted messages or music on ham radio frequencies.

  • I never had a license: I just looked up someones call sign and borrow it. I follow all the rules and no one seems to care. BUT Don't tell the HAMs this they will go crazy and flip out that you didn't take the sacred test.

  • Its better then email because it takes skill and luck to get long distance contacts. CB radio is shit every trump voter owns one.

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    Thanks Linus. Enjoy your videos and was pleasantly surprised to see one of the best explanations of my hobby in a long time. ­čÖé

  • started watching Jericho about 2 hours ago and immediately I looked up ham Radios and guess who already made a video about them one of my favorite youtubers!!!

  • Amateur radio has moved to the internet!! I use Yaesu's WiresX system to talk to people all over the world. It works by sending my signal through the internet to some one else on the WiresX system and my transmission is broadcast from their antenna. It has allowed me to talk to people in Australia, Ireland, India, and Japan so far. 73s K1MDR

  • Nothing like going on 20 meters and talking to another Ham from NewJersey to California. No web or phone lines, just my radio and antenna and the other hamÔÇÖs equipment with nothing but the air between.

  • Ham Radio the only hobby you have to think of a reason to start. Trying not to sound racist but just about every club I have been to is white, older male. It's starting to change slowly. I have seen a few kids show interest but the majority just like to text. It needs a good movie or super star as a spokesman. Remember Charlton Heston "Pry my rifle from my cold dead hands". Something like that but we put radio instead of rifle.

  • I've been a ham since age 16 in the mid 1980's. There's a thrill when you talk to someone on the other side of the planet using equipment you built with your hands and about as much power as a night light bulb uses.

  • One little comment…..CB wasn't originally set aside for unlicensed operation. I had a CB license back in the 70's. They decided to unlicense it after the trucking movies exposed it to the public and it became crazy popular to the point that licensing, and more importantly, FCC enforcement, was nearly impossible (a lot of people breaking the rules back then). They decided to drop the licensing requirement. This gave people free, unlicensed exposure to two way radio. In HAM radio, you have to take a test to get your license. With CB, it was more of an acknowledgement that you promised to obey the rules (just sign here….basically a contract). CB had less rules. Besides staying in the authorized frquencies and off of additions like linears,Just mind your manners and don't forget your call sign every hour.

  • Surprised to see this channel pop up in a youtube search for ham radio. DYK hams are notorious early adopters. They had their own satellites as far back as 1961 and were using computers to communicate long before the debut of the PC. Apple 2's and especially Commodore 64's were a commom sight in ham shacks in the 80's doing everything from sending and decoding morse code and teletype to sharing images around the world using still TV or Fax. By the mid 80's there was an amateur radio email network using packet radio before most people ever heard of email or the internet.

  • Actually no. CB wasn't 'set aside' for public.
    The government demanded regulation and licensing and ALL truckers gave them a big 'F.U.' and eventually the government stopped demanding it.

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