How Does Powerline Ethernet Work?

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Powerline Ethernet uses your home’s existing wiring to transmit network data! How does it work, and could it be the right choice for your home network?

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37 thoughts on “How Does Powerline Ethernet Work?

  • Reminds me of those old phone line adapters that we used at my house a long time ago to get phone service in my parents room

  • We decided to switch to wifi repeaters because our powerline network was really unreliable.
    This literally sextupled our download speed. (And reduced latency.)

  • i want to put a pc in my room, but i don't have an ethernet cable over there, so i was looking into powerline adapters, until i discovered that it would be wayyyy slower than just wifi…

  • 2 to 86MHz is essentially the HF or High Frequency part of radio (with some low VHF). It includes many military, broadcast and ham radio bands that are still relied on for local and worldwide communication. This can cause problems for those users as was found out in the late oughties when broadband over powerline (BPL) began to be used as a way to distribute faster than dsl speed internet to difficult locations. The system basically made using the bands between AM and FM radio (1 to 86 MHs) useless. Of course this was more of a problem for a system that could cover large sections of a city than a one home installation. Aside from hundreds to thousands of Ham operators, most of which knew and understood the problem, complaints came in from radio users from NOAA Weather Radio to taxicab drivers. Even Citizen Band users would hear the buzz of BPL. While It lasted only a couple of years it left behind a fully developed technology. It seems that has been turned into another solution for WiFi's limitations. Unless you are (or live next door) to a ham operator it just might fix your WiFi.

  • Can I game without lag or much of latency if I connect cat5 with HDMI to connect my TV to the computer, the length that I need is about 40m , don't want to buy expensive 100€ HDMI cable or move my pc everytime I want to play on the TV with a controller

  • I have learned that these power line adapters do not work when you have to pass through sub panels. Ex: from a room in my house through a sub panel to my workshop building.

  • we are wanting to have internet in the upstairs of an old 100 year old building that does not want us drilling holes or running cables. while there IS internet downstairs, we can not get any upstairs via conventional means, do you have any suggestions we could try if powerline networking falls short? we are going to need a bare minimum of 8mbps upload / download.

  • All I know is over WiFi I couldn't stream Netflix on my PS4. Over the cheapest powerline adapter on Amazon I can stream anything even when every other TV in the house is streaming or play online games with no lag.

  • This stuff works but there is a problem with a frequency conflict with DOCSIS. Many of these that go above 86 MHz cause issues with coax QAM upstream, which in most areas is in the 5 to 50 MHz range. Causing major interfere with others that can bleed over onto the coax through the DOCSIS cable modem can add noise on the plant and may result in you being disconnect at tap by your ISP.

  • So I’m running my Xbox on the wifi. The router is downstairs past the kitchen on the other side of the house. It’s a crappy router and I’m using a crappy extender. My download is about 5 mp/s and my ping is usually 150. I can’t straightlone Ethernet in because 1: super far and a 100ft wore barely reaches. And 2: the mum doesn’t want a long add wire running across the house. Should I beef up the router and extender or just buy a power line adaptor? Someone plz help. Need to figure this out for my new set up

  • So would this work if I'm trying to get internet from someones house.(900 feet away) I'm pretty sure its not that simple but was wonder if I plug a PL adapter into the wireless router from their home. And directly plug the other adapter into my ps4 would it work. Please respond.

  • Here's my advice through experience. If wifi isn't good enough that go powerline. Go MOCA instead. Along with cable service, there are no interruptions in the line and most of us already have cable line there.

  • Nice… need to do some ground testing of these gizmoes, to see if I can link up across a short street, instead of doing a Wifi to Wifi link… and use the old school electrical cabling!!!! Hope it Works Linus!!!!! Good video Bro!!!!

  • I use my wifi to try and live stream. It's not consistent. Tried hot spotting my phone and doesn't work. Should I use that or a long Ethernet wire?

  • Trust me, avoid using powerline network adapter even if your life depended on it unless you live alone. If you live with others all it takes is for them to charge their phone in their room at night and you will not have internet unless it's unplugged.

  • Akready have this. That is how my enemies are able to hack my computer even tho I have antivirus to the max. Master radio frequencies and power lines -> hack anything.

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