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What can we expect from the upcoming DDR5?

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34 thoughts on “The FASTEST Memory For YOUR PC

  • okay, so just don't buy a new motherboard now, wait for ddr5 because if you buy a new motherboard now it will be outdated when ddr5 comes out…

  • It should be 3.2Ghz for DDR5 instead of 6.4GHz. It is double date rate and the DDR5-6400 is referring to data transfer instead of clock rate; 6.4GT/s

  • DDR5 is a great breakout in memory research,but it also needs a special slot on motherboard,or it will use ddr4's slot? If it has special slot,no one buys it because they have 8-64 gigs of ram,and buy special mb for new ddr is just pointless

  • Ddr5 will make things cheaper??? Hahahahahahaha!!! 5 years into ddr4 and it's still the same price as it was at launch!

  • to make ddr4 and ddr3 cheaper and more affordable …
    8 GB 16 GB 32 GB 64 GB
    and easier to obtain

    kit ddr5 to appear after the motherboards that support them

    the ram ddr capacity is an very important part …

    it's the memory that keeps the interface tha operating system and to open all applications

    after switching from win xp to win 7, you have to pass and apply 64 bits
    this was through 2010 -2011 in my case personal .
    I waited and waited and I said it would cheapen over time ..
    Windows 7 price star @ 414 $ us dolar in 2009 …. Unfortunately this has not happened in 2011 .. and !?!?
    I was waiting for $ 100 price …

    simply because there are not enough 64-bit applications .

    and ram limits no longer exists except in an operating system that was then 192 GB ram

    and that's called ram revolution freedom and space for many pc games aplication operetin sitem etc ..

    Unfortunately, nvidia has already gone out with ddr6, so it's all in vain !!!

    so it will never be in harmony all things on your pc Unfortunately

    Probably do it intentionally

    to show that nobody can control the market besides them .

    it is sad …

    and sadder for them that I would not give up more than $ 200 on any bundle kit ddr 3/ddr4… etc

    by no means give on a 64 gb ddr3 or ddr 4 kit 1000 $ or more …

    but hey I am that of the real economy with minimum salary

    me and with 80% of the rest people the planet … etc
    and obviously now no one cares about this ..

    AMD pulled out boards with ddr4 in the final 2017 as they promised

    they have promised and they kept their promise .they did it in style and much power !!
    and that made it with tha possibility to buy something !!

    so from my point of view, it appeared on the market that the forces were equal for tha DDR4 RECE START !! IS 2018-2019
    when they reach the market in stores and personal PCs
    obviously with rgb .. so yea bey …

    up to more 10 years and minimum 2029 … if you have anything to use … if not …


    but the big shame is that we are not in synch with the video card ram …
    cron armonie eficianta optimizare optiuni putere logica all tha good staf

    synchronous harmony efficiency optimization options logic power all the good staf

    after making motherboards for ddr5 then you talk about the ram !!!

    and still that would be nice to make the harmony go through to directi to ddr6 …

    give hey who is me . just a guy trying to live in this word …

    which is the prob form tha market existi … on tha big market global … 2006 !?! . tha flag

    Windows 7 up to 256 cores and up to 192 gb .!!! DDR3 !

    they are still long to go …

    and with that thing with speculation to ask her from star citezen changed system requirem … core i3 gtx 560 .. 6 gb ram .. check now .
    while they said something very clear at first … it does not work as such … that is why you get the reting of 3 instead of 8 … fail . . tha flag

    Windows 7 up to 256 cores and up to 192 gb .!!! DDR3 !

  • This video has finally made me have to unsubscribe from tech quickie after all the years i have tolerated them . Everyone please do more research rather than really on these videos.

  • Make a video on LPDDR memory vs DDR memory vs GDDR memory ..
    Especially as u said laptop users can have performance increase when ddr5 hits the market but how can a laptop CPU take advantage of ddr5 exactly cuz most of them are "U" CPUs i.e.ultra power saving ones..

  • I noticed the G.Skill memory "for ryzen" seems to have the tightest timings than any other memory kits "not for ryzen" or is this just an anomaly with MemoryExpress stock?

  • Haha, I just got that (G.Skill Trident RGB) kit 2 weeks ago, it's pretty cool looking but at least it's very performant and on sale the price was decent enough at 270$CAD for the 14-14-14-32 version cause otherwise the CL16-18-18-36 was more like 220$?

    Anyway like Linus said, even when it's gonna be out it won't be affordable at all until a year or two after it comes out and paying more for higher frequency is so retarded cause people seem to forget that TIMING goes up as well so you gotta be retarded to get those DDR4-4600 kits at 200$ more while the actual latency is the same as the DDR4-3200 CL14 (-_-) and since I'm on Intel I could care less about higher clock speed. Oh and who the hell play at 1080p these days when you have a high-end computer, or even worse on a IGP. At 1440p even the difference between CPU on a 1080Ti is nearly nothing so…

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