The Marketing Is A LIE

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Why are so many listed SSD speeds incorrect?

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22 thoughts on “The Marketing Is A LIE

  • Could you guys please start including the mentioned videos in the description? This is the ONLY channel I've encountered where those boxes are used for something useful.

    In every other video, they're just intrusive ads for other youtube-suggested videos so I blocked them a long time ago. I got sick of having the last 1-2 minutes of a video getting covered with ads blocking ~1/4 of the screen in 3 corners.

  • HDD speeds slow right down the more you fill them as well. Not sure what your point is… The more significant issue is whether or not the game or program is optimized to make use of SSD speed because if its not the load times will be comparable to a HDD but if they are it can be VERY different.

  • Same goes for HDDs, "max sustained" transfer speed is never triple digits, if copying a large file or doing a large backup of more than 4TB, sustained transfer always drops down to double digit speeds

  • Im wondering , in case of SSD its better for a bigger storage capacity rather then speed and cache due to data moving from place to place ?
    In terms of life expectancy.

  • Hey Linus, please make a TQkie on 'Why are External to External USB3.1 Portable Mechanical Drive Speeds really low?'
    I just transferred my recovered chunk of 1.8 Tb data back to my newly-warrantied Seagate BUP SLIM 2 TB (RED) from my cousin's same drive (BLUE) and astonishingly the copy speed was down to sub 30s of MB/s (~240 Mbit/s), hence this suggestion came forth. IDK if that's the case with portable SSDs.

  • So thats why its lag when I accidentally download something that left my ssd with 1 gigs left of a free space. The more you know.

  • I purchased a Western Digital green M.2 sata SSD, the spec sheet only mentioned peak read write and by those specs alone it was great for the £29 it cost, however, once in my system and setup with windows on it, i started to notice that i was getting "hitching" when opening chrome or loading stuff while at desktop and also some very noticable hitching in games (even when they were not installed to that SSD and no pagefile was present on that drive) i swapped my windows install back to my older samsung SSD and all that went away.

    After a few quick tests ussing SSDZ i found the reason, Random IOPS. The WD Green is extremely low whereas the samsung is extremely high comparatively, it seems to work fine as a SSD for games, but sucked hard balls if you wanted to run windows from it. I just wish i had had the extra 20 pounds to pick up another samsung SSD.

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