Thermal Throttling as Fast As Possible

Thermal throttling is, unfortunately, not nearly as cool as it sounds.

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35 thoughts on “Thermal Throttling as Fast As Possible

  • Processors are made of semiconductors (sillicon) right. And these semiconductors show increase in conductivity with rise in temprature (unlike metal conductors) right. So wouldn't it be increased performance with some increase in temprature (not too high temp ,so as to burn components ) ?
    Is rise of pc components due to the Eddy current or what else is the reason?
    What would be good temp to operate cpu and overall pc?

  • 2:05 Laptop thermal throttling is familiar for me, as I bought Asus ROG GL502VM gaming laptop: It makes thermal throttling under heavy load and temps are around 90 C already… Had to modify it myself according the web forum instructions to avoid thermal throttling and get full utilization of my gaming laptop of which I paid for… Just very bad cooling design from Asus =(

  • witnessed that only a few days ago when i did a classic school boy error

    "upgraded" my laptop cpu from a pentium b940 to a pentium b960 and noticed something odd. i noticed that just browsing the web would cause the cpu fan to max out and what was more weird the air coming out was cold, so thinking that the heatsink wasent fitted properly decided to tear the laptop apart and re-fit the cooler. what i also did was scrape off any old thermal paste off both the cpu and heatsink and turned it back on (after putting it back together of coarse) went back into windows 10 installed HW monitor and monitored temps. at idle it was 58'c, decided to run cinebench to check load temps and thats when i noticed it, reached 80'c and it then throttled from 2.2GHz to 700MHz but temps was still rising. eventually temps reached 85'c and the laptop just turn it self off. it was at that point i then re opened it and applied some cheap thermal paste (which i borrowed from a friend because i didnt have any at the time, now temps at idle are 35'c and under load top out at about 58'c – 60'c.

    what i learned is no matter what cpu swap you do, make sure to clear the old thermal paste and re apply some fresh paste

  • Windows devices without active coolers (like super-thin laptops, tablets, phones) may also reduce screen backlight level to cool the device and may decide to slow down or disable entirely battery charging for some time to cool it. So the CPU and GPU thermal throttling is not the only technique used by Windows devices.

  • So if you have a GPU that's playing a game at 100% capacity, with 155 frames per second, then you experience a sudden frame dip to less than 30, is that from thermal throttling?

  • my 950m keeps throttling at 92C. I was able to OC 950m to 960m during the winter seasons when temperature is low enough, cooling isnt an issue. now spring comes, my gpu throttles crazy and cant keep the overclock

  • Anyone experiencing Thermal Throttling and wants to minimize it can try underclocking its cpu.
    Do it at your OWN RISK and only if you know what you're doing.

  • Hey guys, i have an amd fx 8370 with the neew wraith cooler and had a quick question on thermal margins. so recently only in battlefield 1 my fps went from 70 to 30 for a couple seconds and it concerned me so i looked at the thermal margins with amd overdrive and its at 25c full load in bf1 and then all the sudden the amrgin goes to -100c and the framerate dips happen, im so confused can anyone help!?

  • Did a little check of my system temps cause all my games were stuttering
    and nothing I tried was fixing the lag. Then I found out both the cores
    on my CPU were hitting 100 degrees. I checked my rig and apparently my
    heatsink had completely fallen off… rule of thumb: don't use the
    heatsink that comes with the Intel CPUs cause they are useless, they
    don't screw in very well and loosen over time.

  • hey, Linus i wondered if you could reply to this that would be awesome!!. so i have a 970a-g43 mobo fx 8350, gtx 970 1tb hdd 8gb ram 600w psu. at 1080p gaming, when building this i was so confident it was going to Max out all games without Vsync, hairworks etc.. But then after a while i experienced frame drops down to 20 fps on cs:go, running far cry 3 at 60-20fps mostly 34fps, and the witcher 3 running at 60 – 20fps and the witcher 3 drops happend when not alot was happening. Some have Said its my motherboard that cant run a 125 w cpu if its that then tell me and please leave a recommendation for the best bang for the buck around 80 dollar mobo for my fx 8350 if its something Else with my pc then please also tell me. Oh and also i bought used cpu used 970a-g43 and ram in a bundle and used gtx 970 and a "New" shitty bitfenix nova case and its the msi gtx 970 with 1 fan. Please help man

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