Can Bluetooth Actually Sound GOOD?!

What should you know about the different Bluetooth audio codecs?

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36 thoughts on “Can Bluetooth Actually Sound GOOD?!

  • My suggestion for the next TQkie: *'The Truth behind the various BT Codecs located in the Bluetooth Audio Codec option inside the developer options of a software-based (for eg. Dirac) android smartphone'*. I wanna know the truth.

  • That gay techie guy, Jonathan Morrison, said in a video that there are Bluetooth headphones that sound really good. Obviously, he’s NOT an audiophile.

  • I never had problems with sound latency or forgetting to charge my headphones. I just use a cable. I even build a cable with which I can listen to two sound surces (for example pc and smart phone) at the same time.

  • Standard CD formating will astonish most people on real Hi-Fi system. Before you get it, no need to picky on codecs, much larger file will make everything difficult, unless you like a nerrow range of music and want to keep them for long.

  • 44.1ksps at 16bit is more than enough as it will perfectly reproduce sounds up to 22.05kHz (see nyquist-shannon sampling theorem) and 16-bit is moooore than enough dynamic range even for classical music (even bolero). Therefore: Wires are overrated and average audio equip is underestimated. Accoustic data is very low bandwidth.

  • Yeah, no, I'm not buying Bluetooth headsets anymore of any kind. I wasted a ton of money on them. I hate Bluetooth audio. I use an Audio Technica M50x now, wired and modular. Couldn't be happier. Incredible sound quality, very comfy, easy to store away when I'm not using them, and they're modular, so I can use different types of cables. I can swap between super long cables, super short cables, curled cables, etc, depending on the situation. Love these babies, and the price is a steal for the audio quality you get. They're $150, and they sound like a $400+ professional headset. And if you're a person who absolutely must have it wireless, it has an optional Bluetooth add-on that you can buy that plugs right into the headsets modular port, and rests on the headset. If anyone is looking for a great wired set that can support Bluetooth add-ons, definitely look at the M50x. It's a favorite among streamers too.

  • I got a better solution: Use spring/coiled cables for your headphones.
    Since I modded mine for use any 3.5mm male to male cable, I've been using this kind of cable, first advantage is that it lasts much, much longer, as the coil absorbs sudden pulls in ankward angles.
    Second, if you forget you're wearing headphones and try to walk away, you'll feel increasing amount of resistance pulling you back, you'd notice it pulling back long before your PC dropped to the floor.

  • never had the issue forgetting about the wire
    but have had the issue of wondering if I could reach for something, trying, and unplugging my headphones in mid-reach followed by ear-rape from my speakers.
    (not joking, my speakers are loud enough to rumble my house, when at the same volume, my headphones are just comfortably hearable)

  • @4:16 Yes, but does the measurable difference in latency translates into noticable difference in latency in the real world if you don't excatly stand at the other end of the room?

  • Audionerds only yelling that Bluetooth audio is bad or shit. Never tried an actual decent bluetooth audiodevice like Bang&Olufsen e8…

  • I bought Bose QC35II a month ago. Connected to Samsung PC (model 2012) no issues. But now I have some trouble with latency. What’s the best Bluetooth dongle to buy?
    Ps. I don’t have the budget to buy a new PC. Please help! πŸ˜‚

  • Sure you can get a good quality digital signal using LDAC/AptX from the source to the receiver, but unless you go very high end, the DAC and speakers themselves just aren't good in my experience. Many of these Bluetooth speakers have auxiliary input and sound equally trash through that… Get a good set of speaker set first, then buy a decent Bluetooth adapter or Chromecast audio and use that.

  • So what do we call it when my device(lgv30 with ink skull bluetooth headphone) runs the audio in what apears to be advance of the image im watching… Namely you in this video.

  • fiio btr1k is freaking amazing, but it connects to your already badass headphones. dac/amp it's freaking amazing. (had mic too which is OKAY) bam! done! πŸ™‚ 🌲🌲🌲

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