Optical Media Obsolescence as Fast As Possible

The world is now digital and we have no need for physical media! Right guys? Right?…

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50 thoughts on “Optical Media Obsolescence as Fast As Possible

  • Dear Apple:

    You killed the floppy disc with the iMac G3
    You killed the disc drive with the MacBook Air
    You killed the audio jack with the iPhone 7

    Why dont you die out as fast as you kill of media formats

    Sincerely ~ a once avid Apple user

  • I believe that an optical drive is still important even in 2019. On my brand new Ryzen 7 1700 based PC, I still went with a case that has 5.25 expansion bays, because I enjoy having access to things like an internal card reader for transferring to and from various types of memory cards as well as an internal Blu Ray Drive, which is useful not only for installing disc based PC games, but more importantly, backing up disc based from the PS1 up to the current generation consoles. This combined with a disc resurfacing machine is very important for retro game preservation, especially for PS1, PS2, Dreamcast, and original Xbox, where if the disc is scratched badly enough, unless you a $150 disc resurfacing machine machine, it's unplayable. Although if the disc has surface scratches, it cannot be fixed. More than ever I feel that game preservation is very important in 2019, therefore I will still be using an optical drive in 2019 and beyond for the above reasons.

  • Blu-ray movies are the only use I have for optical discs. As a non-audiophile, I get all of my music via download, and the same thing applies to my games. But Netflix and iTunes movies are noticeably inferior to Blu-ray.

  • I'm one of those people who still uses and prefers CDs and DVDs over streaming. It allows me to have movies, music, and games in high quality, without needing the Internet or any subscription. DVDs of older titles can be found for cheap and usually for slightly or exponentially cheaper than streaming. DVDs and BluRays have great quality surround sound, good picture (DVD obviously isn't going to get you HD, but honestly I don't really care about whether or not my movies are in 4K), and if I end up hating the movie I can just sell it. And thanks to my Plex media server, I can rip my movies to my server and access them with ease anywhere in the world (although 9 times out of 10 I'm just using it to watch TV in the living room). For music I don't even use Spotify or any other streaming service (aside from the occasional use of Pandora on my Amazon Echo), since I'd rather put one of my cherished Daft Punk and Gorillaz CDs into my stereo (which is really just a 90s Sony boom box, but it's got really nice speakers and sounds amazing). And I can easily rip my CDs on my computer and transfer them to my phone and my server (which I do, even taking the extra step to rip them into lossless .WAV files that sound just as good as they do on my stereo).

  • You really are a good presentator but should do some voice training because it's simply not neccessairy to speak with such a high pitch and pressure on your vocal chords. Keep going on!

  • I have recordable DVDs that are 14 to 15 years old and they still work oh and let me tell you another time if you pop in a recordable DVD into your DVD player in it skips real bad get a DVD cleaner desk that’ll actually fix the problem at first I didn’t know why one of my DVDs were skipping until I put that cleaning disc in my player then that went away and it was working fine the desk even work fine in my DVD drive so get you cleaning desk and trust me what you wouldn’t want to put that in your player and want to clean that thing all your DVDs will work fine I’ve never come across a rotted desk in my life but I have one CD that has some Discworld on it but it’s not skipping or glitching it works perfectly fine if you take care of your media it will last a long long time

  • I’m still a fan of physical media and I will always buy DVDs and CDs and VHS tapes cassette tapes vinyl record all that good stuff I will not get rid of them no matter who or what sales I don’t care what people on social media says I’m keeping my media

  • I know this video is old but, I want to chime in. Would I be crazy for starting a dvd collection in 2018? I know I could just download alot of movies but, I was at goodwill today and it was half off day. They had a crap ton of movies for $1 or less. Also some of that stuff probably doesn't have many peers. Would I be insane just to have a "food poisoning" or "rainy day" box of dvds?

  • I do believe at some point the DVD drive will become obsolete and will go the way of the floppy disk. And I have a feeling that the optical drive has outlived its usefulness at this point but for the time being it's still needed for other more simpler tasks. After using a flash drives to move and store data it's a lot easier to move as much data around from the computer to the flash drive depending upon the capacity of your flash drive from the computer to the flash drive and Back Again, and it was a lot easier and more efficient then it would have been for moving data from the computer and burn it on a disc. At some point I do believe and I do have a feeling it will not be worth it to maintain the optical drive in the long run but for the time being it's just necessary for more simpler reasons especially like for example to finish ripping any final CDs and movies and video games while they still can. In today's world if someone wants to see movies or play music order to play video games they can just simply download them from the internet and play them. As far as the video games are concerned they could just simply download and set up a emulator within their computers and play these video games long after the game councils that was originally designed for these games are long gone. for nothing if you know where to get these games. And at some point in time if anybody still relies on CDs and DVD player very likely they will be too old or/and long dead, And at that point in time anyone who is live at that time should already have rudimentary basic computer skills and definitely should have already know their way around the internet like they know the back of their hand at that point in time so anyone is still using 20th century equipment is very likely going to be to old or/and long dead by that time.

  • After i told one of my co-workers that i dont have a internal DVD Drive in my PC he asked me how i install programms or operating systems.

  • Also advantage of optical (blu-ray) is not just the lossless audio but the much less compression for the video. While streaming has been making gains as well as digital download of videos, blu-ray and 4k blu-ray video quality completely smashes their competition. A 4k streaming video from netflix is nowhere on par with a blu-ray. Let alone 4k blu-ray. Just not happening anytime soon. Those streams are at most a couple of gigs in size versus a blu-ray.

    Also while yes they do degrade over time, it is a long time at that. HDDs will generally fail before a optical disc will go bad. And from what i hear with SSD, optical lasts far longer. SSDs generally only last 4-5yrs of constant use mean while you optical disc will last somwhere in the 20yrs time span. So for long term storage they are still better. Now using a SSD not constantly and solely for back up then maybe?

    Not to mention the cheap part about it all. You could easily keep refreshing your optical media. I still far more trust optical for long term. So when i go with buying a new computer or building i will make sure it has a bd burner in it.

  • "Optical media is easier to lock down with DRM"

    Tell that to my Handbrake setup that just ripped the entirety of The Brady Bunch from DVD in about 6 hours.

  • Why SHOULD optical media become obsolete?

    I prefer to physically own a copy of something than have a digital version that relies on a good internet connection, having an account somewhere that can always be shut down at someone else's whim and relies on the company and software that supplies the download to continue existing indefinitely.

  • Why wasn't the sponsor a service for turning CDs/DVDs into disco balls?
    …it could be like the Selectric of optical media!

  • I have an r7 1700 with cfx rx 580(because nvidia assholes dont support 1060 sli) and still use a dvd rewriter. AND THEY ARE BETTER AMONG THE HIFI ENTHUSIASTS AND CARS!!!!

  • I don’t really understand the reason to put stuff on a hard drive if I was going to put something or store anything on something that is magnetic and can be a raced by mag nets I will put my stuff on magnetic tape Elise that stuff can be put on the shelf and last for years a hard drive past we constantly plugged ear and cannot I repeat cannot be unplugged for years or or it will fail and speeding car drives can suffer from crashes my computer crashed only once but it still works and I usually pack up my videos and pictures to DVD that way if my computer files I got those DVDs as a back up plan and I even put them on VHS yes VHS why because I’ve come to find out that vhs can last 30 years and sometimes 40 years

  • I have DVD's dry rot. I spent good money on it and cannot be replaced, lucky 98% of my DVD collection did not dry rot. I do understand scratches. put the disc in the drive tray yes it dose scratch. One day I was installing drivers using a LG Blu-Ray drive. some how the drive broke. the motor starts spinning the disc 1000 miles per hour. with in 4 seconds the driver DVD disc exploded in to a billion bits.. WOW that sucks! Then there is a mater XBOX 360 That is the worst the drive tray is so bad my game disc got the scratch ring of death. That is why XBOX ONE (before the XBOX ONE S)  comes with the slot drive to stop that scratch ring of death. Video games like at Game Stop can reach up to $70.00 and even more for Collector's Edition. a lot more $150.00 to $200.00 pending on what kind of a package deal that Collector's Edition comes with.. Then on streaming video via internet yes its too slow. I have a lot of lag on youtube like bottle necking, freezing, crashing and who knows what else. Yes ISP is too slow. too many people using the server.

  • There's something else about "recordable DVDs" being ditched by Cupertino. I can't use ANY kind of DVD burning software under OSX 10.13.2 to burn or copy existing DVDs. CDs of any kind can be burned, so audio pirates are safe. Oh well, no CD/DVD drive in the computer, who needs support for such "ancient/uncool technology" in the software? Fortunately, I have a PowerBook G4 that can't be updated past OSX 10.5, so that's what I use to burn/copy DVDs. I first noticed "DVD burn-out" when the 2009 MacBook Pro was upgraded from Snow Leopard. Do I still use Ye Olde MacBook Pro 2012 to view DVDs? Regularly, since even cable TV can be "full of nothing" worth seeing.

  • When I get my computer up and running I’m going to take all my music from my phone and burn it to CD I’m not joking I’m being dead serious because I want my music CDs not did you download I want them on Siri because I much rather prefer the sound of a CD it sounds a heck of a lot better in my opinion

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