What Router Settings Should You Change?

What settings in your cryptic router options menu are worth a second look?

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50 thoughts on “What Router Settings Should You Change?

  • I watched this the day it was released, now youtube recommended it again……. and you dont need to config the router, just config the AP from the controller

    Talk about wifi, configs router…… CHANGE THE SETTINGS ON YOUR AP

  • This is old news but I'll say this, Linksys is notorious for ignoring most user defined custom settings on their consumer grade routers

  • I was thinking I need a new router because it could reach my bed room literally not more then 25 feet away but when he mentioned 5 Hertz vs 2.4. I realized my router always weirdly had two networks it broadcasted and one had 5g added to the end. I switched over to that one and problem solved. I know get 90 mgbt instead of 1. I was literally getting 1 at best. Thank the high heavens

  • Sure. I'll change quite a few things for security
    1. Change the administrative login and password after updating firmware.
    2. Stop broadcasting my SSID. I know it don't need other people to know it.
    3. Enable a guest account for guests or for devices that aren't for work. This allows me to have a secure work Network.
    4. Change my Class C address to make it harder for anyone trying to get in to find it.
    5. Set up MAC filtering.

    Most people should be able to do the first three. The last ones are a little more advanced

  • AT&T SUCKS! They are liars and cheats, I will absolutely not do business with them any more, it's not worth it no matter what their offer because I know they won't do what they say they will. Unlimited *unless you go over 22Gb or just if we feel like we'd like you to use less data than you do. Google it. Slamming additional costly subscriptions or services into your bill so they can charge more. Etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc

  • Not wireless exclusive obviously, but this would have been a perfect opportunity to bring up static IP settings and port forwarding for multiplayer gaming on PC's and consoles. Some older games, for example CoD:Ghosts would be terrible, if not literally unplayable (wouldn't connect to a server) unless you assigned a static IP to your machine and enabled port forwarding with the relevant ports. Like I said, not exclusive to WIFI but still a problem many people had.

  • What could cause periodic internet loss of several hours on cable modem? Strangely only happens on weekends. A 3rd party DNS server instead of cable probably won't work if it doesn't get pass the modem??

  • I knew this would have little relevance to the average user. A good setting is to name 2 wifi SSIDs the same and get seamless handover. Another one is changing from a/b/g/n/ac or whatever to not include a/b/g. Turning off DHCP on a second router is a good one, so you can keep them both on the same subnet and make your LAN more routable. Setting your ISP gateway to bridge mode can be beneficial if you know about firewalls or simply have another router to take care of that. There are more but practically all of those are more useful than the ones in the video, which are either obvious or best left alone.

  • If I put my computer and router inside a faraday cage, and the router uses a wired connection to bring the signal in from outside, would that give me interference-free wifi?

  • I know you mentioned it here at 0:48 but I was kinda hoping you would do more technical stuff like fragment/RTS threshold, preamable type,beacon interval … etc or anything that's in "advanced settings" area :/

  • You said a lot and nothing,,,,, wow I’m still in shock,,,,, just don’t use wide channels unless you live in the middle of nowhere, and don’t forget that 5ghz distance is horrible and too many devices on will mess it up that’s why new AC devices will rotate with 2.4 in fact if you guys need a lesson in WiFi let me know there is a 20 min video alone on bands, and your talking about bridging:((((,,,,, how about mesh:)))) ohhh boy you confuses a ton of people

  • At the unfortunate risk of sounding like Donald Trump, you have made a TREMENDOUS jump in my connection speed with your tip on which channel to be on. My router (Smart R/G) is hooked into Earthlink, where much of the time the computer just sits and buffers endlessly, and sometimes connects, and sometimes not.

    After I switched the router from "auto" to Channel 1, I'm connecting instantly. I can't thank you sufficiently for posting this info. Ralph L. Seifer, Long Beach, California

  • Best settings for an apple airport express and why when I use another to extend the wireless connection the second airport express doesn't take the same 2.4 and 5 GHz channels as the first one? It uses the automatic option instead of the manual settings in the primary?

  • I think you covered the part 1 with a nice PS about DNS' yet maybe a bit more is needed about how to manage the same SSID while not conflicting each AP. Or the better one, users have different needs, like I want to dedicate 20Mb/sec and 2.5Mb/sec upload to a single machine for gaming, yet let the other devices able to download as much as they want to, outside of these figures (on a 60Mb/sec plan).

    Or otherwise, how to take multiple services and connect them together so you see higher upload speeds without paying too much upfront to normally get that kind of bandwidth.

  • So a little more security is to disable SSID broadcasting and connect through hidden Network in WiFi selection this helps keep your neighbor from piggybacking your WiFi. Also some routers allow you to disable eth ports on them this is useful for those friends that know directly connecting to the router will bypass any security measures other than Mac and IP filters.

  • "What Router Settings Should You Change?"
    What ever you like to suit your network infrastructure.
    If you don't know what to do, then find someone who does.

  • Is there also something i can do to give my 2.4ghz based wireless headphones better connectivity? Depending on the time of day i can lose connection half the time on my headset, and since it uses the same frequency as WiFi, it would seem like that is a logical culprit.

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