PC vs Console as Fast As Possible

Is there a final answer to end the great PC vs console debate once and for all?

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Title: Varien – Resurrection of the Dagger
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36 thoughts on “PC vs Console as Fast As Possible

  • 30fps is more than enough for console it doesn't need much to run I have both bytheway. Shooting is also more accurate on console as I found pc mess too much with recoil and target sway mean u get less accurate shot. You also getting kick for high ping which is annoying when u just wanna play the game. Lol when he say do u want to carry around a ps4 like its better carrying a pc case around. Anyway console player will exist not many people have money to throw around on a pc.

  • I think when it comes right down to it, whats best is up to the individual user. I prefer PC gaming mainly because most PC games are modular and you can find games and applications that don't need to meet a requirement for the content. I love playing VR Chat, mainly because you're never too far away from a anime girl with big boobies, some of which are lewd or nude. You can't really get that on console gaming. But then I love playing my Nintendo mainly for Mario Kart.

  • Only thing that console is the best the fps. Console 30fps is better that pc 30fps.

    I KNOW THAT THEY ARE THE SAME! BUT IT FEELS BETTER ON CONSOLE THAT PC. I play GTA V on PC 60+fps when i lock it to 30 it feels super laggy but on console it feels smoother.

  • Console vs PC is basically like asking which is better: articulated lorry or sports car. They have advantages and disadvantages, different people will find either one more or less useful for what they want, b ut they both essentially do the same thing.

  • my solution for PC on the TV is actually a simple HDMI splitter and a wonderfully long HDMI cable. I still definitely end up playing on my Xbox or my PS4 more often, because like you said, I can turn them on from my couch using the controller and play whatever I left in the disk slot

  • I know all the pc master race arguments been there done that.
    But the truth is that they value technicalities that in the real world no one gives a crap. What you value in the real world and pay for it consistantly are 2 things, convenience and reliability this is why i have consoles for gaming and a mac for work.
    I know there will be many pc guys that have a tone of technical arguments against those facts but to all of those i say, the next time that you will spent hours to make something work on your pc or the next time that something doesn't work properly just thing of me. I know it will not take long and you know it to 😉

  • Any true gamer plays both on consoles and PC. Any true gamer knows mobile gaming is shit, cancer and there's no such thing as mobile gamers. If you play on mobile a lot, you're not a gamer. You're just some scrub who wants to kill time. There's nothing wrong with just wanting to kill time or having fun with candy crush or something, but you're not a gamer.

  • F!@k console gamers when I have my pc I don't buy $h!t I just wait for a game to be released and torrent that $h!t lol like what I did with resident evil 2

  • I prefer outside. much better graphics. It costs $0 4K and my monitor is already installed inside me! It has 244hz!
    And you don’t have any limits

    pc is the best for pc games
    consoles are best for console games.
    what i mean is tetris and mario will always be amazing on Gameboy. while age of empires 2 will always be cool on a old DOS laptop. and CSGO and modded arma 3 cant be played on anything but pc. and no other console but PSP can play so much shit emulated and fit in your pocket and cost 30£. and thers no gaming experience like on DS, expect on the 3DS. and Metroid on GBA still is the shit 20 years later. and Baldurs Gate 1 & 2 still blow your mind on an old DOS PC. and fuck Vita cuz encripted memory.

  • All gabs aside, it really is user preference. Granted after playing on PC the PS4 graphics look a bit shit on many games, but my “budget” rig still cost about $900. It can do a lot more than games so the high cost is ok as it fits multiple needs apart from gaming. Still consoles are more user friendly. Never hear someone on Xbox talk about spending 2 hours dicking with graphic settings, cpu clock speeds, and ram speeds to max out what your system can do. Basically if you like a mustang, drive a mustang. If someone else wants a prius (and yes I gagged a bit typing that) let the bastard drive a Prius. Not your money so why care what someone else does with it.

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