[RANT] App Notifications are TERRIBLE

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Aren’t you tired of useless app notifications? So are we…

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35 thoughts on “[RANT] App Notifications are TERRIBLE

  • APPs being terrible with notifications??!.. What about #$% APPLE itsellf… I dont want reminders to log in to apple account 5 times a day. I dont install anything. I dont want to be reminded to re-activate notifications for every single app I have turned off the notifications from. as User I actually do know that I have turned off the notification in the first place!!!! And then I do want it off for a reason!

  • I don't know if this happens to anyone else but I'm on Android and so many apps I will swipe away a notification from the notification centre and the notifications will often immediately come back up.

  • There is a great way, uninstall the fucking app, and if I want quiet use flight mode. They shoot themselves in the foot. Because they decrease the value of app by doing so, therefore I'm extremely resistant to install anything new, that might be useful, but who knows what other crap will it do.

  • 1. only install apps you will need
    2. #1 results in making it not a hassle to once disable notifications for some apps
    3. yeah right, let an algorithm read the content of my notifications… duh.
    4. #3 is the only way for coorporations with all their evil money to stop spam notifications
    5. every soulless minigame comes with a price. even many paid once. it's just like that. those are never trusted apps! just as little as flashlight apps or some random other crapware. and you can be sure they will never give you important notifications, because what can be so important about them?! block them.
    6. if you really depend on an app and you use it often, don't use the free version. buy it, it's only fair!
    7. if the app you really depend on and use all the time is one of these mini puzzle games, consult a professional for addiction.

    and finally, blame the developers for implementing these things and only get apps from the ones you trust. it's that simple.

  • if i download a new game on my phone or whatever app it might be, and it starts giving me annoying notifications, i immediately uninstall it xD

  • You see, the apps are just doing you a favor. How can you keep in check of your limited non-expandable memory if you have all these apps that you don't use?

    I think that is pretty dumb too, but hey, they are just being nice.

  • I must say, these rants are surprisingly satisfying to listen to. Maybe it's because I like to rant myself, but either way, I like this new section of Techquickie 😀

  • Game Notifications are garbage because they keep asking me to come back to play OR BUY SOME CRAPPY RANSOM SHIT. (Such as a game that makes you pay over 10,000 rubies to save a spoiled queen but you OBVIOUSLY don’t have 10,000 rubies… WTF game developer)

    Edit: Any of you guys experience this major game difficulty spikes? I have, massively.

  • Say what you want about Apple but their clean settings interface makes it really easy to manage your notification settings and you can easily turn off background refresh per app where needed.

  • I dont know about apple but android has a solution. The first time any app sends me a notification I dont want, I press and hold the notification which opens the app notification settings. There I can turn them off entirely, or only allow the ones I want (since the apps typically have different type settings for notifications)

  • Solution: spam me with notifications? You’re a spammer. That makes you the same as an email spammer. I won’t ever do business with you, your app is deleted, and I will tell everyone who cares that you engage in disgusting business practices: SPAMMING. Stop fucking doing it before you get to me, or else.

    If more people take this attitude, the spam ends.

  • I built a fitness app and decided to inform the user via notification in the following cases:
    – New Achievement (steps ever taken at certain numbers), can be turned off)
    – Daily progress: 50%, 100%, New record (can be turned off)

  • This video is being nit-picky as phuck (yes I spelled it like that . Sue me) , it is very simple to turn these off and it shouldn’t take longer then 10 sec to set with your preferences. I’m still subscribed but man this made you guys look like lil bitches . Sorry for the rudeness but just being honest.

  • I have a really minimalistic amount of apps on my phone and even those I have muted through brute force methods of denying them permission to send any kind of notifications. The only notifications I get are for work e-mails and for my SO's messages.
    On that note, I do not understand how she manages to cope with bazillion notifications blasting day and night on her phone. She doesn't even wake up, but I sure as fuck do. Constant bLEEp BLooP here's a notification for youuuuu!

  • You know what feels shitty? Waking up, unlocking your phone and getting straight up BOMBARDED with notifications from 10 apps at once. It's like your phone turned into a vibrator for 5 seconds.

  • Android and iOS do allow you to disable future notifications on the notification itself. Or for peace of mind you can disable sound notifications.

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