Why Are Apple Products So Expensive?

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Apple is known for charging a premium for its products. Why do they do this, and can they justify the cost?

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29 thoughts on “Why Are Apple Products So Expensive?

  • A couple weeks ago, Microsoft released a “critical security update” that basically turned my PC into a paper weight. Would boot into a black screen, couldn’t even launch a cmd prompt. I tried everything in the book even going as far as launching from a old back up hard drive, nothing changed, so I had to use the recovery disk that I thankfully made and I lost everything.

    My Mac book pro? Ha. It Hasn’t been turned off in 3 months and has been going problem free for over 6 years. That is why I buy Apple.

  • Short answer to save 6 minutes 3 seconds of your valuable life: Because Apple enjoys scamming stupid customers. APPLE IS OVERPRICED JUNK WTF

  • It's easy. Apple is the most profitable company in the world. Clearly that extra price is going into their pockets compared to other companies that put more of it into the actual product.

  • Apple: wE sTill hAvE tHe chEap pHoNe cAllEd
    tHe iPhoNe xR, nOw gIvE mE mOnEy

    Oppo, Xiaomi, Vivo, and other highend chinese phone brands: Hold my beer shister

  • Good pruducts cost but only last a few 3 years at most before needing upgrade like 5g or fingerprint or security that is no longer compatible. Boo who.

  • 1:20 ummm yes it does
    My $500 android phone has more horsepower than the latest iPhone XR or whatever it's called (and longer battery life too)

    My Alienware laptop from 2015 performs better in benchmarks than the latest MacBook Pro (mostly due to thermal throttling) and cost about half as much when it was new

    My Lenovo ThinkPad T420 is more portable and has more ports and features than any Apple laptop has ever had (and 2 removable batteries to boot) which only cost me $170 used (vs the current used price for the latest DongleBook Pro)

    Apple = overpriced junk

    The only thing apple does an ok job with is tablets
    My iPad 4 (which I got in 2014) is still working to this day (although it is jailbroken and last year I have had to pay the $200 Apple bullshit tax to replace the battery) and I have not found an android tablet that feels as strong or as premium as the iPad 4 (the new iPads feel flimsy and cheap these days) not to mention the fact that every android tablet I have used has been a lagfest at best and a crashfest at worst, and the screens usually suck (low pixel density) and the battery life is usually crap too in my experience

  • I won't listen to anything. Apple was, is and always will be overpriced piece of shit. I mean come on whats the point on spending big when 200 or 300 USD phones can do the same thing?? Fanciness doesn't get the job done remember.

    Well anyway thanks for the ad. The only ad i didn't skip and found informational.

  • And also another reason why Apple products are so expensive because it do this type of case they used to operating systems and Hardware because compared to other products the money does seem to be adding up I know because I work at Apple

  • To be fair an iPhone is a lot better at one thing . Longevity . iPhone 5S vs Galaxy S4 . A girl I know has the iPhone 5S and to this day it's still responsive and nice to use while the S4 my brother has is one laggy mess with a semi dead battery . The hardware on Android phones may be better , but Apple offers a better OS that is lighter and therefore they don't need to spend a lot of money for the latest and greatest snapdragon . As an Android guy myself I hate to admit that Apple charges a premium for a reason . Their devices will still be damn good for everyday use even 5 years later .. While a 5 year old Android Phone will not be that good .

  • After watching this, I feel betrayed Linus. This isn't you. I don't know what you did to the real Linus Apple, but you better get rid of this imposter and bring the real deal back.

  • Quick answer: They are money grabbing arseholes. They exploit the Chinese labour market and then exploit the stupidity of people who like shiny stuff

  • Actually the two most important factors that allow Apple to charge such high prices are product differentiation and marketing. Product differentiation allows them to avoid direct competition. Since there is a lot that sets Apple devices apart from the competitors, even though many of these aspects doesn't actually make them better, just different, allows Apples prices to behave similar to monopoly prices. And due to clever marketing, people are willing to pay more to have an Apple product rather than checking what actually fits their needs.

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