The Program we HATE But Use Anyway (PowerPoint)

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Why is PowerPoint regarded as being terrible?

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24 thoughts on “The Program we HATE But Use Anyway (PowerPoint)

  • People are just misusing it.
    Stop overdoing it, put a simple background, some bulletpoints and learn to talk.
    I put in like 10 Minutes of work in my presentation (no joke) and get only compliments.
    overdoing it seems fishy to most and also childish.
    Stick to the basics. Saves you time and money and gets better results.
    If you want to, you can stretch your information over serval pages, which actually makes sense and indicates different topics. Even when there are only 3 bullet points.
    Just because you dont have like 7 Bulletpoints, its not bad, try to break down a topic and explain it as simple as possible.
    Also, mostly the people you are explaining it to are not retards, some may be stupid, but thats none of your problem and if someone has a question they will ask later.

  • I LOVE PowerPoint! I used to make little animation stories with it, and I can make amazing presentations. So I don't know what you're talking about. This video has good points, though. It's not good to put tons of information in a slide. If there's lots of information to present, use bullet points, and then explain all the information in an easy to understand way for the audience. If your audience really needs the information written down, print out a handout for them. Don't flood your slide with it. Hope that makes sense.
    Also, Prezi is a good presentation app as well. It doesn't rely on slides.

  • Remember Harvard Graphics? I bought it from "Egghead" back in 1990 something from a clearance rack thinking it was a graphics program like Corel Draw.

  • Windows.
    Absolute garbage by modern OS standards.
    Years behind what the Linux community has shown how a modern OS should be.

    People keep using it because it's what they are use to. Not because it's easier to use or better.
    They are only more familiar with it so can't adjust to a better solution.

  • OMG….hated Profs at University that would just read, verbatim, right out of the textbook 😡! Honestly if gonna do that, I’ll just stay in bed reading the book myself; instead of going & sitting in the 2 hour long class, duh🧐🤪……AND to think, we PAY for this type of “learning”😱

  • I'm glad I'm lower class, no power points or business meetings. Just clean up peoples yards, eat a basic lunch, maybe a taco bell snack later on & go home. Only drawback is some people value hard enduring physical work less. Oh you broke your back & wore yourself into the ground quickly & efficiently cleaning up my neglected property, that's worth 5-10 an hour. Sorry no it's not, 15 if your novice, 20+ experienced. Thankfully not all are like that, hell sometimes I get bonuses for more than what I asked.

  • video suggestion: tell us about the software you use in your tests, like cinebench for the CPU and 3D mark for GPU. What about the other components? what about power consumption?

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