Upconversion As Fast As Possible

Can upconversion breathe new life into your DVDs, or is it just marketing hype?

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27 thoughts on “Upconversion As Fast As Possible

  • What about using DSR in video games ? Why does using DSR for 4K, on a 1080p monitor, look better than native 1080p gaming ? What is scientifically going on there ?

  • Well. Upscaling can be an very useful "plan B" in some situations. The first is, for exemple, if your console or even your gaming PC isn't powerful enough to display 4k resolution. It can happen. Currently, the only video card that can run the most recent games in native 4k, at high/very high settings is the GTX 1080ti. And it's, for now, unaffordable for most consumers. however there is a trick: closest the native resolution is to 4k, better the upscale. For exemple: if you play a game at native 1920x1080p, the upscaling factor will be 4 times that resolution, but if you play at 2560x1600p the factor, will be only 2x. It will just shrink the pixels and multiply the ammount by the scale.

  • Linus……WRONG AGAIN. I'm so sorry. They did make an upscaler that is so flippin ballin' that even you in obscure land completely missed it. And you actually tried to talk about Open CL and CUDA once. So this one goes down in the history books at the Linus Ultimate fail of all time. Are you ready for this?

    AMD Phenom ii generation CPU's and ATI Radeon and early GPU's had an amazing upscaling algorithm built into a feature from a company called ArcSoft in partnership with AMD/ATI and even your good ole' friends at Adobe for Adobe Premiere CS4. This technology was a later updated CPU and GPU acceleration software/plugin called "ATI Stream" , or specifically the ATI Stream Plugin for CS4, ATI Stream SDK and an early and primitive version of OpenCL for this older generation of AMD CPU's and GPU's. So don't count on it doing much for anything else.
    Oh, and you are wrong about the quality loss from Component to LCD screen. TOTALLY NOT THE SAME AS Analog to Digital conversion. More like playing an Analog File VIA DSUB connection on a PC without any actual Digital Conversion. Your bit about HDMI is actually the opposite of what you were suggesting. HDMI has the loss in actual quality from any SD analog/digital upscaling. TOTALLY FALSE!! For future reference. Stop Hating on Analog 4k Video (If you didn't know, it's called HD-TVI BNC) or even Dual DVI-A, and stop thinking you are so cool for screaming Display Port from the rooftops. Digital Video is an Abyss.

  • If I'm playing a pc game on a 1080p Monitor and I'm able to hit 60 fps at native 1080p, then I just plug that same computer into a 4K TV, but keep the in-game settings, including 1080p, should I get the same performance, or will I take a performance hit?

  • So. If you had a 1080p display that you were playing a 4K video on would it stay the same? Look sharper? or screw with the video? I'll use this video "Tempura Udon Noodles" as an example because at the beginning it shows a nice representation of how nice 4K could look. But, my monitor is something like 920p or 960p and I've never really experienced true 4K but the video looked all funky when I tried watching it in 4K. I'm not sure if it's trying to autocorrect itself to become sharper or if that's just how 4K looks. In the beginning, I thought it would stay the same because the monitor can only fit so many pixels onto the screen that it was made with, but now I think it might screw with the colors but make it sharper. But if that were the case there would be no point in buying a 4K monitor in the first place, so here I am in a bubble of confusion.

  • Did anyone ever notice a single difference between an upscale 1080p vs a native 1080p game at all? Because I heard the
    Xbox 360 upscales most 720p games to 1080p. I don't think there really is a difference because the aspect ratio is the same.

  • I was at walmart today looking for a 4k tv, they some as you walk into the store a samsung 55" 4k tv with the movie the blindside playing i checked the player behind the tv it's a sony dvd player the picture looked to good to be true for a dvd movie i don't know lol

  • Let's say I have 2 monitors the same size but one 4k and one FullHD. I watch 1080p video on both monitors. Which one will look better? Or will they look the same ?

  • How about instead of all the stock photos you display pictures of what you're actually talking about. You know, since the topic relates to digital imagery.

  • I'm thinking about buying a DVD player to watch all of the seasons of Walker Texas Ranger. Should I spend the extra 10-$20 on a DVD player with HD conversion? Will it not matter for this show? My TV is a Sony Bravia KDL-32EX500 thanks!

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