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In my last article, we learn discussed few pros and cons of having a laptop vs desktop, and in this article, we are going to talk about processors i.e. what actually ‘Dual Core’, ‘Quad Core’, and ‘Octa Core’. When it comes to choosing a computer or laptop, Processor is the most important decision and there’s a lot of jargon, especially when it comes to cores. Let’s cut the jargon and understand what it all really means.

Dual Core vs Quad Core
Every processor is always only one chip, also known as Integrated Chip. That chip can have one, two, four, six, or even eight cores. So next time when someone sells you an Core i3, make sure you also ask him about number of cores i.e. four core Core i3 is always cheaper than eight core Core i3. Although, the name is same.

How much is too much
Well, talking about the best processor, currently, an 18 core processor is the best you can get in consumer PCs

What are cores
Each ‘core’ is the part of the chip that works separately to do a separate task. For example, a dual core CPU will have two cores i.e. 2 CPU (central Processing Unit) in its own. So yeah! That’s sort of confusing but its awesome.

Do You Really Need Quad-Core? Does it affect speed?
You might think more cores will make your processor faster overall, technically thats true but not always. It also depends on the motherboard, RAM and other things. Bottle necking is the term that explains this better. Bottlenecking simply means, not being able to utilize all the cores due to other computer components. For example, You cannot run a 1300MHz RAM at full speed if your motherboard supports only 1200MHz RAM. Same thing happens in processor.

Power Consumption
More cores also lead to higher power consumption by the processor. When the processor is switched on, it supplies power to all the cores, not just the one which is in use. You cannot simply cut the power to all the other cores.

More Cores More Heat
A simple reason why any electronic device, Not just computers, even smartphones, heat a lot is because of the number of cores. You might always wonder, why is my smartphone so hot. The answer is quite simple, more power consumption equals more potential resistance which is directly related to heat.

More Core = Expensive
More cores isn’t always a higher price. Like we said yes, more cores are expensive but provided, the clock speed, architecture version and other considerations are same. So a Quad Core Core i3 will be expensive only and only if, dual core core i3 is running on same clock speed and has the exact same architecture.

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