Do Cell Phones Really Cause Cancer?

Some people think that the radiation from phones and other electronic devices can give you cancer. Is there any truth to this, or is it just a huge misconception?

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23 thoughts on “Do Cell Phones Really Cause Cancer?

  • Although this man speaks authoritatively……he does not have the expertise he believes he has. Generally…..engineers are not in a position to know about the health consequences of EMF,,,,because they lack the coursework in biology. There exist thousands of peer-reviewed scientific studies, documenting cellular damage, due to low intensities of EMF exposure. Here are some links that will take you toward that science:

  • This is why people Apple and Samsung are changing there phone to make them adaptable to lifi lighting which are lighting fixtures that provide internet connection and is safe

  • This is totally fake there is no way this can happen , phones can't cause cancer , is from parents to not use phone's , here is why , the lights on the phone are not powerful enough to blind you , comepare that to a flash light , Friday on the TV was a news that one child died and then the media said that the cause is phone
    Cancer but what It said , the media lied to us and the real cause of the death is mistery that can't be solved because the the evidence is gone in the coffin . l i e s a r e e v e r y w e r e

  • 0h 4 G might be okay some studies says it is, some studies say tissue does get damaged by microwaves, ( open up the books on the military data from the 60s).
    so let's break out the 5G.
    more than tripling the megahertz..
    let's go beyond mere surveillance and jump into that big lake of Total Control

  • For the most part the discussion is on microwaves.
    Microwave beams create oscillating magnetic fields within their beam. Molecules that are polar (have a negative and positive side) like water will align to this field. The rapid oscillation results in heat. That is how microwave ovens work.One risk is that microwaves heat up water. Its possible just this small heating of your blood will cause problems long term. More a risk if you are holding a device against your head.A water molecule is a stable one. It takes a fair amount of energy to separate hydrogen from oxygen. If you increase the energy It will eventually occur. Other molecules are not as stable and the bar is much lower. DNA is a polar molecule and is subject to the effects of microwave magnetic fields. The amount of oscillation required for DNA to degrade is unknown, but finite.
    Many "safe" molecules can degrade into a "unsafe" ones. Many chemicals break down simply from heat. As an example many everyday foods are poisonous if uncooked. The opposite is also true many chemicals become poisonous only after heating. As anyone who has cooked a burrito knows microwaves tend to focus heat in areas, and not all molecules are affected equally as anyone whos left metal in the microwave can tell you. This focused heat could break down molecules in a way that is otherwise unlikely to happen. I'm no crazy doomsdayer and ill keep using my phone, but I don't consider it a closed case at all.

  • Who cares do they cause cancer. All i know i got rid of my 4G Mobile router which i had from the moment 4G came ( switching between 3 internet providers) and my internet connection is now better ( hard line), my headaches are gone, my sleep disorder is gone ( i can sleep for 8 ours without waking once), my apetite is better, my depression is gone, i can think more clearly, my memory improved allot… I honesty don't know what the fuck was i thinking but having mobile router in same room where i sleep was killing me.

    2 months after i removed this router and im feeling like a new person. Fuck your 5G who ever wants it feel free to get it. I'm not messing around with my state of mind. I shut down my smartphone when i go to sleep and i keep it in bathroom next to a god damn toilet where it belongs. We are not all the same, someone is affected by somethings other people are not. Stay healthy and keep your 5G out of my house 🙂

  • Cell phones and cell towers DO cause cancer! I have a personal friend that is fighting 4th stage Brain and neck cancer. They are lying to us! They know is it killing us! They just don't care about anything bit there bank accounts. This guy is full of it! Look into the National Toxicology people who have found cancer in Rats they tested after they blasted them with cell phone radiation. Also the FCC does not regulate cell towers under a certain height do they can radiate you as much as they want.

  • 100% false, lies, wrong information. Paid misinformation channel. Want the truth? Try these sources:

    US Military knew 50 years ago, EMF destroys human reproduction and breaks entire body down. US Naval Medical Research Institute Report 1971:
    There are more than 1,000 scientific studies conducted by researchers from around the world concerning the biological effects of RF radiation. Here are some of the most recent.
    Independent Information Resource of Peer-Reviewed Research into the Impacts of Electromagnetic Fields on Humans and Our Environment.
    The BioInitiative Report 2012 contains nearly 2000 papers reviewed by 29 international scientists from over 20 countries on the health and environmental effects of electromagnetic fields. Their conclusions note that the continued rollout of wireless technologies jeopardizes global health and recommends stricter biologically based standards, lower exposure limits, and a more cautious, science-based approach.

  • my mom refuses to cari around her cell phone because she thinks it will giver here cancer. She also won't let me get the HPV vaccine for the same reason.
    (She also think the witches are real)

  • Well some brain surgery doctors say cancer is normally that side of the head where you hold normally when you talk to phone.. Nice to see statistics from that some day.. I don't believe coincidence..

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