Noise Cancellation As Fast As Possible

Noise-cancelling headphones go beyond just blocking sound with physical barriers. What makes them special, and how should you go about choosing a pair? message: Sign up for your 10-day FREE trial at


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24 thoughts on “Noise Cancellation As Fast As Possible

  • Some friends of mine seem to have some trouble with Bose NC headphones in that they not only just are heavy, but have such a poor (uneven) weight distribution, that they simply won't stay put on to of your head. The sound was bad too; I suppose it'd be worth considering aspects like that if you want to buy a pair of headphones. And one thing almost ALL manufacturers get (or, DO) wrong, is that they don't size the ear shells correctly. Commercially available headphones mostly are at most 54 x 41 millimeters. And that is, for the OVER-EAR type! Now that MAYBE may be big enough for unisex, one-size-fits-all OVER-EAR headphones in China, where almost all of them are made – as Chinese people are not the biggest in the world. I am talking unisex be cause headphones do not come in multiple sizes as to fit children, women or men, one does not get to choose out of small, medium, large or extra-large. And that is whilst the size of the ear cushions most likely is THE very most easy aspect a manufacturer faces. But instead of addressing that aspect and finding some kind of solution that would accommodate what undoubtedly amounts to what must be the largest group of potential customers worldwide (theoretically maybe inbetween one-quarter and a third, but in reality in relative terms an even bigger chunk, be cause "adult ""Western"" men" are the most likely to have the cash and the willingness to buy- 'Western men' as the largest common denominator within all those people with (somewhat) "bigger" ears (than those small measurements would allow for). Instead of trying to think this over and come with an answer, most brands refuse to spend ANY thought whatsoever on the subject of suitable dimensions for over-ear headphones, even though they of course would have no problem whatsoever finding appropriate data on the subject: it is not a secret what range of sizes the humanoid ear comes in. Indeed, most brands RATHER just make sure to stay absolutely silent on the subject, and just make sure NOT to mention anything on their packages, in their manuals, in their advertising or on their websites that might directly or indirectly refer to the fact that human ears come in specific sizes that might vary with the person, hopeful as they are with each (upcoming) purchase again, that the customer will forget to sirens sufficient attention to that subject until later.. hopefully, and often indeed MUCH later.. so much later in fact, that it would make returning the headphones difficult or impossible. Men and probably even most adults anyway, will only find their headphones in fact are hurtful to the ears when they happen to wear them for longer periods of time, ranging from several hours to full days' lengths. All in all this has become quite a story with some length to it; wanted to get my thought on this out there anyway and I hope that something will change!

  • My anc headphones play whitenoise in the background but they also are supposed to cancel other sounds. Are they messed up becuase they are playing whitenoise? They block out all low noises but not high sounds. They are the Sony Xb950n1. I just got them today.

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