Adaptive Cruise Control As Fast As Possible

Driverless cars aren’t common yet, but vehicles with adaptive cruise control are pretty easy to come by. How does this “smart” cruise control make driving safer?

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35 thoughts on “Adaptive Cruise Control As Fast As Possible

  • i've been using adaptive cruise for more than a year.. and i have felt the pos/cons of the technology i many driving situations:


    1- of course it liberate you from managing your speed and cruise control every time someone slower than you moving front you..

    2- it's nice that you can look more at your surroundings while driving.. because you relay on this technology to slowdown when something comes ahead of you..

    the nice thing is even when you are distracted.. as soon you feel the car slowed down, it will help you pay attention to road again!

    3- it's so ideal in medium traffic wide city roads with medium city speeds, so if you live in these areas.. this system is perfect for you!

    4- a must have option for unskilled drivers or for old people.. it could save their lives!


    1- in many cases in highway and interstate drives , there are so many bad drivers out there.. there are alot of idiots who drive slowly on the fastest lane.. you will feel that you are trapped behind a slow driver and your car just obeys their speed…sadly your car won't go close enough to make the driver front you open the way for you and i don't thing ever this technology will evolve to get a bit closer to other drivers.. (for safety and such).. i found my self pressing gas often to make my car get closer so the other drivers move away!!! they won't move away while you are far from them!

    2- As your car stuck behind a slow car.. another car behind you wants you to open up the way for it to pass, and it's stuck on your tail..

    many drivers still uses old normal cruise controls, they tend to requests drivers to move away from fast lane because of how slow your car and the one front you are driving.

    i found my self switching lanes going left and right because of that slow car front me. these bad drivers are headache in highway.. and in some cases disabling the cruise control because the lane i want to switch to has even more slow cars and i don't want the car to panic and hit brakes! .. it defeats the purpose of this technology..

    3- i already trust the technology in terms of it's safety.. while driving 140km/h or more.. but at same time at that high speed, the the stakes are higher.. and i know the car will hit the brakes if anything goes wrong.. sadly i came to hate that idea of pushing the car into tight situations that may end up causing the car to panic and hit the break.. you don't want whoever with you in the car to jump off their seats when the car hit the break.. no way… obviously this technology won't be as good as skilled human driver . so i end up disabling the system to deal with tight situations until the road clears up a bit.. again it defeats the purpose of this technology..

    SO should you get adaptive cruise control??.. the answer is.. it depends on where you live and where you go..

    if you live in low traffic city and you don't hit highway rarely, this tech won't be as a life changer to you!

    if you have so many bad drivers in your city.. maybe it's good idea to just drive the car in your own..

  • lol, while I do like Tesla, their fans are like Apple fanboys. Tesla did not invent adaptive cruise control. It's actually been around for over a decade, it's just becoming more mainstream now.

  • Idk if every cruise control has this, but mine has plus and minus buttons that change your speed by 1 mph every time you click it. So if you are coming up on someone pretty fast, just click it 5-10 times, lowering your speed by 5-10mph.

  • Do a Techquickie on CAR RADAR DETECTORS, some have digital mapping and GPS as well as Forward and Aft antennas (to aid in source disambiguation) …. there are several YT channels dedicated to testing Car Radar Dectors as well …

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