Blue Screens of Death Explained

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Fewer things are more aggravating when using your PC than the dreaded Blue Screen of Death! In this episode, we explain the causes of some common BSoD error codes, and what you can do to make them go away.

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41 thoughts on “Blue Screens of Death Explained

  • Fresh install of Windows. Haven't over clocked anything… And I keep getting the irql error and it'll either boot loop or I get about 60 seconds of time before it reboots again.

    Tried to reinstall Windows 3 times and the furthest I get is the CD key page …

  • Hello sir
    Big fan
    Bios update failed… let me give u the story
    I was having this blue screen problem with my dell laptop n5010 with win10 and I noticed that when in flight mode it works normally …after a while found out the if I dont open Google chrome it works fine with internet… then tried to
    Update drivers of my laptop since it's running with the default drivers that win10 installs…
    Went to dell website connect to the tool that discovers the drivers automatically ..
    The first update was the bios download and began to install the screen went black, the fans went crazy… I panic and shut it down.
    Now I have a black screen when I power on, the fan works but it gives me a one beep went to the manual and its bios failure
    Can it be fix ?

  • i know this is very late but ive been having a problem for a while and havent been able to find an answer. I bought some more ram for my computer because i only had 8 mb, so i bought 2 more sticks of the same type. whenever i put them in i always blue screen. why?

  • Hi, that happens to me the other day and the computer won’t let me boot the windows to repair or reinstall. I bought a new hard drive to see if I can at least intake there and the computer start the boot up but it restart on an on. Can someone help me???

  • you may have confused the actual mechanism of IRQ in windows.
    as well as a thread is executing, the system may pause the current task and do something more important, like handling feedback from hardware, timer elapse… the cpu have a mechanism to “request the cpu to pause(interrupt) current task and do something else”, this is interrupt request (IRQ), these would usually context switch the cpu into ring 0 to do some privileged task and switch back once completed. both hardware and software can issue an IRQ. but IRQ itself has several priority level, called “IRQ level” or IRQL. When an IRQ is signaled the cpu would state its requested IRQL completed outstanding task, and reset IRQL to previous level. but the cpu is already interrupted (not lowest IRQL), the mechanism would compare the IRQL. if the new IRQL is higher, interrupt the cpu again to enter do the even more high priority tasks, in concept just like we put interrupt onto a stack, if no higher, wait for tasks complete until IRQL low enough.
    assume this situation: if the cpu is running in almost highest IRQL, it want to access memory that is paged out, or called page fault the memory controller would trigger page swap by sending an IRQ, as this page swap is an very critical task that must be completed first to continue anything else, but because the cpu has already in even higher IRQL, the system would enter a deadlock state. in windows kernel mode(yes, virtually high enough IRQL is privileged thus need to be done in kernel mode) once this conflict exist would raise a BSoD, is a very famous IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL system crash.
    something you said correct, this BSoD is always happened in drivers, usually a driver bug that failed (or forgot by programmers) to eliminate IRQL conflicts that Microsoft provided programming task

    PAGE FAULT IN NON PAGED ARED is highly related with IRQL issues, kernel code would often pin memory need to be accessed in very high IRQL period to eliminate page fault in non interruptible situations, pin means tell the system this page memory should not page out, if page fault is still happened in pinned pages, there must be some error, very severe memory errors.

  • What if thus was the new windows blue screen:

    You PC ran into a problem that it couldn't handle, and now it needs to restart. We're just collecting some error info and then we will restart it for you.
    40% compete

    Error code: IQRL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL

  • If you could do a video about "DPC_WATCHDOG_VOILATION" that would be amazing. I don't get this anymore, but I used to get this literally two or so times a week! Thanks and love your videos.

  • What about if drivers fauled to reboot?

  • You think BSODs are crytpic? My old PC would just turn off, no crash logs, no nothing. Turning on XMP mode in the bios is what eventually fixed it after a year of putting up with that happening a few times a week. The ram was running at a lower speed than the advertised specs. No idea how that could cause my issue, but there you go.

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