The AMAZING Feature Apple is KILLING – 3D Touch

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Why is 3D Touch disappearing from the iPhone?

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42 thoughts on “The AMAZING Feature Apple is KILLING – 3D Touch

  • I didn't know that Android has the long press anty-feature. I'm used that everything is on the menu, that I don't check anything else, just trying not to spend time on the phone works better for me.

  • I actually use 3D Touch a lot and I love it myself. I type on it usually and it is very useful to do easy corrections. Or when playing games like FPS some actually let you shoot with 3D Touch while aiming (even tho mobile games suck but sometimes there is no other option) I use it on a daily base and when I picked up this phone where it didn’t work properly I missed it like it was my cat pretty mucch

  • I use 3d touch to quick access apps from folders, the issue with 3d touch is is just a pressure sensitive gasket around the screen, that will eventually fail with moisture and ingress of the edges of the screen

  • I use it frequently. So frequently I dont notice I use it sometimes such as when I am typing and want to go back, I also use it on email when I get one so I can delete it without opening the app. Also in some games. If it does get deleted, well damn. Moving on to android I guess since its one of the unique features I use

  • I use 3D touch probably 20-50 times a day and my biggest complaint about the 2018 iPad is that it doesn't have 3D Touch. How are you supposed to precisely position the cursor when typing? Long pressing on a key is already used for other things. Pressing harder is so much faster then having to wait 1-2 seconds to do the same thing and both seem equally intuitive.

  • 3D Touch is my most used “iPhone/iOS” feature! I use it more then any other feature on the XS, and have since the 6S. It’s super intuitive once you get the hang of it, just like any phone feature. Using it to move around tying text is just the best, Android navigation sucks in comparison. I can’t live without it.

  • I use 3D touch all the time, like twice in this comment alone. If they really remove the most amazing feature of the iphone i will update my 6s to a Xs and keep old firmware if i have to. 3D touch is the only thing that kept me from switching to Android, i tried them but i missed it too badly

  • The worst thing is that even if they do kill it the new iPhones will cost more than the last ones…

    I think they drop a ball with the implementation. There should have been more emphasis on 3D touch gestures that is the one thing long press cant replicate and it would give four options at users disposal instantly (hard swipes left, right, up or down from the icon). It should have been implemented in such a way that it would make interactions faster/easier. Submenus are never faster…

    Anything where it is just press can be replicated with long touch – even the preview function (press hard and then harder actually looks a bit finicky on paper – never had a chance to use it) long press – preview than tap the preview to open it, or tap elsewhere to close – no 3D touch needed or tap to preview tap the preview to open, elsewhere to close – open instantly? Double tap.

    I think this shows a bit that the 3D touch was there just as a new feature at the time when every new iPhone had to have a new feature. It might be possible that it took too much resources to develop the technology that they cut the cost by limiting the OS implementation to mostly just replacing long touch.

  • If you have a few brain cells you can use 3D touch. It is not complicated at all. I've never had an issue with the 3 levels of pressure and use it constantly to preview messages/email/etc. It's THE reason I bought the more expensive model over the cheap model

  • Samsung had Air view in their phones back in 2013. I remember loving that feature on my S5. Holding your finger above the glass triggered a secondary action (like right-clicking). There was a bunch of cool ways it was used. Like hovering over an image on the photo gallery displayed a bigger preview of that picture to the side. I miss it.

  • Nooooo. I use it everyday aswell!! Its a super function! Especially if you press hard on the side of the screen. Super fast and easy to switch between aps!

  • This guy is obviously an adroid fan boy. I use 3D Touch every single day, even on my Apple Watch. Yes not many people know about it and that discourages app designers to not use it and that’s a shame.

  • I use this feature every day to switch apps (3D Touch on the left side of the screen and swipe) and would be sad to lose that feature… Guess I will need to learn to swipe on the bottom of my screen. And don’t forget 3D Touch in the keyboard to swipe through the text! Gotta use the freaking space bar 🙁 Gotta have to get used to that and I can’t even select stuff by dual 3D Touch!

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