What is AHCI?

What exactly does the AHCI/IDE selector in the BIOS do? Can it affect drive performance or functionality?

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Registry instructions from Winaero: http://winaero.com/blog/switch-from-ide-to-achi-after-installing-windows-7-or-windows-8/

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48 thoughts on “What is AHCI?

  • For starters thanks for your great video's, very informative & entertaining. Just want to give my 2 cents on this setting for HDD's. Any thoughts from you or viewers would be great. Thanks again. It really sped up my machine using HDD's so I would expect the same for SSD's.

    I took a 7-8 year hiatis from PC's in 2010 after my twins were born & 12 years of nothing but PC's building / gaming well a little sex too 😛 When I decided I had time for it again & wanted to game some; I went on ebay & got a new CX600 & XFX HD7950 then fired up the Win7 64bit AM2 Phenom 9750 DDR2 4gb OCZ Hitachi 250gb for OS a better 640gb HDD Cavier for storage (kinda backwards in the way of speed). After I upgraded to win10 I bought a B97 3.2 quad 2x4gb of ram after 4gb was slow opening just google..

    I tried cloning main HDD to a Inland 480 SSD & it worked great but couldn't keep it from freezing/locking up after about an hour. I tired everything I could to no avail. Same HDD with AHCI enabled with the Link Power management (whether I need it or not it's set to HIPM+DIPM)much faster now from enabling AHCI (from SATA not IDE) on my legacy bios. I know most bios show IDE or AHCI like one in this video.

    But now Win10 thinks my HDD's are removable lol. All I didn't try to fix SDD was a bios update, now wondering if that's it. It should be backwards compatible for my sata II 3gb. Temps aren't bad, but freezes with SATA or AHCI enabled..

  • In case anyone is a dumbass like me and had their SATA set to IDE, you can actually set it to AHCI without having to reinstall Windows. Just search Google for instructions.

  • When I swapped to AHCI mode, it added a ton of Drivers to my Boot-Up process and its slower to boot up than before.
    Also I have heard that AHCI reduces the lifespan of SSD drives.
    Does anyone know why either of the above 2 situations happen ?

  • Bios, What does that mean. You show stuff on the screen but you don't show how you got to that screen. (At 0:37) I need a video that shows things from the basics. (I am new to all of this. I don't Know the basics of computers) I can turn it on, I can turn it off but I can't wake it from hibernation mode. I end up unplugging it and plugging it back in then restarting. What computer manufactures need to do is provide a video on how to use what they are selling. And if they do have such videos they need put it on the desk top when you first boot up your new computer. This is a new windows 10 dell all in one computer. And if there is a instructional video they hid it very well.

  • ive noticed its like second nature for linus to grab his phone either on his belt clip or in his pocket toclick the silent button when he gets messages while filming..doesn't even skip a beat..but as a viewer who notices it, im sure im not the only one and its annoying..i don't know why..put your phone to the side when you film homie.. it always looks like you're going to adjust your nuts

  • Far too many people screaming about the 'intro'. So what…many people on youtube have a very similar intro. So if you need to just keep using it. If people don't want to see the intro they can skip it with a mouse click. Other than that great info video.

  • Question, I don’t understand how serial data communication such as SATA is faster than the old IDE connection. I would think transferring multiple bits at a time would be much faster than one bit at a time. My only guess is interference in the IDE ribbon at high speeds.

  • Hi, i have an Old HP Compaq DC7800 Desktop, In Bios, only IDE and RAID is available, i can't install Windows 8.. How will i get AHCI to install Windows?

  • My PC has this modified boot image everytime I turn it on and doesn't show any options like (Press F2 to boot in etc./ Press F4 to boot in etc.). Just a complete image. Which makes it impossible for me to boot into my bios settings. My motherboard is a B85-M2 Pegatron. Know to resolve this?☹

  • Oops I'm so stupid I've been thinking that my hard drive is broken or something but what it actually was was that I had set it to ide not knowing what I was doing hahaha lol lmao

  • However, when I built my PC in 2012, Windows 7 didn't like AHCI, and thus I set it all my HDD and SSD. Now in 2018, and after updating Window 10 Pro, I had a booting issue when I tried to set my BIOS to AHCI. So what gives? Good video, though.

  • What the heck Linus, you are always talking about modern this, modern that, well I have news for you…..wait….loading, uploading….downloading….finally….I have a 15 year old Dell laptop which I am trying to get back to life. Why does everyone talk about modern laptops, computers and operating systems? Heck :)….we need to be recycling and re-using these PCs, laptops, and printers. With people like Linus, I expect a topic on how to get these 15-20 year old systems back to life, at least if many of us in the developed world wouldnt re-use them, why dont we put them back to life and help people elsewhere buy/re-use them and that way we are helping the environment. If you have seen the number of fairly use-able printers, and laptops that are retired, and sent to waste, then we all need to kind of feel worried. This is not sustainable!

  • cheaper ssd's and not manually enableing trim in windows or linux while in IDE mode can actually brick ssd's if it doesnt crash before it fills the drive to the brim. if you have auto sizing pagefile this can happen and you cant format your drive as it cant buffer the format area. windows likes to not turn trim on automatically without AHCI and if your firmware on the ssd doesn't do it natively. u can be out an ssd. even with AHCI sometimes u have to enable trim if you don't do a reformat( recomended and most of the time nescecary as your IDE formated drive wont boot) this was far more common when ssd's were small like 40gb or less as you run out of space quick.

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