Are Digital Cameras Still Worth Buying?

With smartphone cameras improving, standalone digital camera sales have plummeted. But are people who only use their phone cameras missing out?

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38 thoughts on “Are Digital Cameras Still Worth Buying?

  • There is no comparison between phones vs DSLRs. The compact cameras are not required anymore but the real DSLRs are way way above the quality of Smartphones.

  • Just depends on whether or not you truly appreciate "good" photos. If you're okay with a basic photo as I'd say 75% of people are then stick with your cell phone.

    Cell phones are the modern version of the old time Kodak cameras of the 80's, but they'll never be able to compete with an actual real camera. With the increased sensor size and better optics (with interchangeable lenses) will always be better than what ANY cell phone can try to produce.

    After having kids I went with an APS-C Sony A6500 with the Sigma 30mm F1.4 prime lens. This setup with a Rode Micro external microphone has worked perfect for 4k videos and portrait work capturing the kids growing up and didn't cost me an arm and a leg. The biggest innovation in really improving your photos is in your photo post processing. Learning to shoot in .RAW format and getting better at using Adobe Lightroom.

  • My 13 YEAR OLD ..Nikon D40 DSLR will STILL destroy a 2019 Year model phone ..For IMAGE QUALITY ..
    HINT 300MM OPTICAL ZOOM LENS and a 1/4000th second shutter speed…
    My Nikon D7200 will STILL destroy a 2019 Year model phone…For LOW LIGHT IMAGE QUALITY ..
    Just TRY taking a still picture of a fast moving train in LOW light with a mobile phone..PMSL ..
    If you want the image QUALITY in your pictures..You still have to lug around a DSLR ..
    In the future.. MAYBE smartphones will be good enough to replace stand alone DSLR camera's ..But I won't hold my breath while I am waiting.

  • What a bullshit. Why no one throwing the argument that cameras today are literally 2x-5x the price of a smartphone, how the fuck can you say that they are not better, of course they are. But when you buy 200 bucks camera, usually they won't outshine the quality of recent smartphones, especially if it's a bit old. So here's the question, Does a camera relatively the same price range of an smartphone worth it? The answer is NO.

    Does a 500 bucks camera outshines 300 bucks smartphone, The answer is a BIG YES.

    See how it works? This video compare things as a blind eye. Man I'm tired of this marketing shit.

    When you compare something, compare it with resources. Not its efficiency alone.

    They didn't even brought the fact that a camera is a 5 times heavier than a smartphone and more prone to breaks especially lenses. And guess what, you can't fix or replace them, because it will cost you 5x the cost of your smartphone itself. if the camera on your smartphone needs replacement you'll happily replace it under 50 bucks.

  • And to be honest, the best cheap cheap cheap phones are GREAT phones but mediocre cameras. My $150 Samsung isn't as bad a camera as some cheap Chinese thing, not at all. But it can't touch an iphone. But it's just perfect as a phone (great speakerphone, great bluetooth too) or a GPS or a music streaming device. I don't use it for movies or games because I'm not 12. And if I wanted a great camera, I'd rather pay another $150 for a camera than pay $800 for a flagship phone.

  • Of course:
    better choice of focal lengths
    Great battery life
    unlimited removable storage (not applicable to IOS)
    higher quality images from better lenses and sensors
    better ergonomics
    more durable
    high mega pixels for commercial applications

    There will always be a need in the workplace for digital cameras, sports, product, wildlife, fashion architecture photography. The camera on a smart phone is just for convenience. Your on holidays or in the city and something happens in front of you, whip out the phone and wham its done. Putting together a collection of content for a marketing campaign for a client, ya gunna need the ole DSLR. Yes you can get away with a camera phone in a tough pickle, but quality is quality. I know people will say its not about the camera, but I have encountered clients where unless your kit was listed in their required lists, you would not get the job. Don't have the right camera, don't get the job. When ON holidays I never take my DSLR as I dont need to capture high end shots, I just want memories and thats where a smartphone comes in real handy. I think the heading really should be " Are Digital Cameras Still Worth Buying for Domestic Use" For business= YES, or domestic=NO

  • I think for people that merely want a point and shoot camera for general photos for day to day use, a dslr isn't worth it, for the size and cost of a standalone pro camera, its not worth it, that being said, the level of control on cameras like dslrs can be much better than a phone camera, if you know what you're doing with them

  • In another 4-5 years, cellphone developers will begin selling adaptable/additional lenses you can attach to your phone's baseline camera. Book it…

    It will drain the phones battery faster, obviously, but will enhance lighting options and shutter speed options…

  • You don't talk about price. Tell me how much a decent camera like Canon 7D or Nikon D400 or pentax equivelant. Everyone has and needs a smart phone but a camera is a plus. Now tell me is it worth to pay thousands of dollars on a camera, lenses, tripod and other things just for a hobby. That's why I sold my nikon d750. It's not worth it.

  • Those who ask if a phone can make better pictures than a camera,
    have not figured out the advantages (and how to use them) of a camera.

    I remember a situation a friend showed me his new phone and told me:
    "Look, my new Phone can make insane pictures."
    I mounted the 70-200 2,8 L IS2 on my 7D (mk1), held on the same object and told him:
    "Look, my old Camera can make PHOTOS!"
    As we compared the 2 images, he says: "See, my phone makes way better pictures – a lot of your picture is unsharp – out of focus! And you did not even center the object in the frame…"

    I asked myself if I should explain him about Bokeh or the golden ratio – but I didn't.
    He is happy with his phone-pics and I am happy with my camera-photos.
    No need to change this.

  • Smartphones are great and all, but they will never be as good as a DSLR or mirrorless cameras. I woud say that they are as good as a point and shoot, which is why they have largely supplanted them.

  • I have low end mirrorless camera that I paid $180 for and it came with 2 lenses and it is nearly 6 years old. It is far better than any phone camera especially at long range if I am using my telephoto lens (which was one of the lenses that it came with).

  • I bought the iPhone XS and the front facing camera gets on my nerves so much because of the software with smoothing feature and it makes the pictures taken with that camera look terrible

  • For people who take "snapshots" sure the phone is the way to go.
    Standalone digital SNAPSHOT cameras sales have plummeted.

    However for people who take PHOTOGRAPHS a digital camera is the way to go.

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