Microsoft Edge as Fast as Possible

With the HUGE decrease in Internet Explorer usage, Microsoft knew that something had to be changed to increase their internet browser adoption rate…

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40 thoughts on “Microsoft Edge as Fast as Possible

  • I use edge sometimes and used that to download firefox on my older computer. Edge is a decent browser, I would give it 4 stars. But chrome and firefox are better, so I don't really use edge a lot.

  • I just barely installed Windows 10, and i think before I finished installing? It gave me a message that my programs are not compatible with Microsoft Edge and may have an issue or problem with its functionality. I'm going to uninstall Microsoft Edge, from my PC for it keeps freezing.. and it could be an issue of many things which I am solving right now, and if that doesn't work? I'm going to go back, and downgrade, or in this case an upgrade. I never had this issue before..

  • Be honest . Let it compete on an even playing field. Stop hiding it on windows 10. STOP using the E logo. Its pure spyware , what's that ? read the terms and conditions!

  • Edge has a big flaw, it doesn't give support for different languages, only Chrome does that right allowing multilingual orthography correction. I judge browsers solely on that, because I need to change between my mother tongue and English all the time.

  • I am a long time Chrome fan (even prefer it over firefox), and just switched to Edge following my new job last year as communications in-charge. Managing emails, downloading memos and uploading to trello for routing. The only thing i liked most bout Edge that Chrome and Firefox didn't have to this date is the ability to choose where you want to save your downloads (except maybe you have a download manager like idm or fdm). If you just click SAVE, it'll go straight to your Downloads folder, whereas choosing SAVE AS gives you an option of where to save. It helped me cut my workload.

    Before, when i download a memo, i grab it from downloads and move it to my folder of the day (filing structure: <parent folder> <month sub folder> <day folder>). Now with edge, i choose save as and go directly to which folder i want to save.

    The downside of edge is that, if you have multiple tabs open, even as little as 2 or 3, the other tabs, or even your main tab page becomes unresponsive after a long period of inactivity, which to me is a stupid "feature". Thanks microsoft!

  • What about your bookmarked favorites, see the truth needs to be revealed, see whenever they are permanently deleted due to formatting or what not, do they go some place else or no, because everyone has told me so far that, they can be easily found, in many ways possible and they were wrong, so be honest with me and I mean honest with me ok, as I'm tired of the many liars that exist online, now tell me the truth then, are there anyways to get back my bookmarks or not?

  • Originally IE is the best
    But now is not the best
    IE do not use,^^☕🍏🍜
    Because IE will be poisoned in one second
    Frequent exclamation point and lag
    You must go to internet coffee play game
    Very miserable
    Microsoft has a problem
    Hacker set webpage virus
    Fooling game players
    home and Internet coffee
    only need one second
    your computer will be set virus
    I am find this problem at 2017.10.25
    If you use
    May go bankrupt
    I found this problem at 2017.10.25

  • I have used Chrome and found it is buggy when playing videos from youtube. where edge tends to loose windows that have been open too long. I still like both.

  • Its 2018, edge just looks so clean i now use it exclusively on my computer since it doesn't gobble gratuitous amounts of ram.

  • Edge is ok and honestly atleast I rather be better safe than sorry and plus I was Firefox was better but I’m meh each can be used for variety of things (expect internet explorer) I still think Microsoft Edge is a huge improvement over the trashy internet explorer and can you blame someone who has won so many times and has been in the lead so many times (a.k.a Microsoft) how wouldn’t you get caught up with your own ego? When they came back down to earth they made Microsoft Edge and are at least doing their best to not eat too much ram out of your pc while trying to help ya survive on that battery and I think they are doing a good job but surely if there is room for improvement. Just take the trash out and put better things! If you wanna keep using the browser you want to use I can’t force you to use Microsoft Edge. So anyway I like Microsoft Edge I think it’s ok

  • MS do not want as client I can not even open an email account they have denied me access, and when I tried to download IE11 they flooded my pc with extra loud commercials. I do not believe tha Bill Gates want his to be run this way. And it makes me think about Apple.

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