SMART for HDDs/SSDs as Fast As Possible

S.M.A.R.T. is a tool that can alert you if your hard drive or SSD is about to fail. How do you use it, and how much can you rely on it?

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50 thoughts on “SMART for HDDs/SSDs as Fast As Possible

  • Is this guy promoting spyware?!!! Thats what he just showed as a add on software to use. WOW! 2.7Mil subs…That can mean a lot of computers infected just by this channel. What a mistake!

  • my result, is 0% on health but 100% in performance, i only have 1 hdd. and there alot data,games,save game,etc. there anyway to fix it atleast anyway to try?
    "5 reallocated sectors count, count of sectors moved to the spare area. indicate problem with the disk surface or the read/write heads. there are 1433 bad sectors on the disk"
    another one"HARD_DISK_CASE_WEAK_SECTOR" nad "1829 erros occurred during data transfer."
    It happen after i use record my game with msi afterburner or riva tuner statistic. and it oly 81 days, 20 hours after i buy on market
    please help,

  • I've been using Crystal Disk Info for many years, does help and like you can get the values of and set tolerances if needed. Also for others.. yes there is an option to convert the HEX to Decimal format.

  • Yeah, this tells nothing new really. What I was looking was an interpretation on each and every SMART value and how I can apply that to my disks. You should do a video on that.

  • Should do a Runescape as fast as possible since it's been coming up on pc mag and other gaming magazines a lot over the last year or so. plus you used runescape memes in Analog vs. Digital As Fast As Possible 😉

  • Wow, my 1975 car has technology because it has temperature gauge and that tells me when my car overheats. Please! Don't use that example!

  • The main point, make backups if you want to safe guard your data. The only person to blame is yourself if you lose everything from a harddrive failure.

  • It's interesting how many people just settle with secondhand, even refurbished hard drives just because they are cheap.
    Sure, HDDs are one of the cheaper parts of a computer, but once you start putting things inside it easily becomes one of the most expensive things you own. Especially when it goes wrong.

  • one of my hdd's have these massages from windows everytime i reinstall windows that is about to die for 4 years now, still haven't died 😀 its just storage hdd tho. Seagate tough.

  • >2017
    >Keeping anything other than games on your hard drive.
    Seriously, keep everything on the cloud. Absolutely no reason not to. Google offers nearly unlimited storage for photos and music.

  • You know most of the time the Hard disk is not bad, never every throw your hard drive until there is a bad sector.

    If your Hard Drive is producing clicking sounds.
    If your Bios hangs up most of the time if your hard drive is connected.
    If your Hard Drive is not spinning up.

    Then I have tried and tested solution, I will put a video on youtube soon.

    I hope this can save your hard drive and data.

  • Here's a warning for very few people I suppose, but for which I always like to share. Back in the holiday seasons of last year, I had two 3tb Seagate drives on my Synology DS214play flagged with SMART errors while I was out on vacation.

    The way I understand it, Synology NASs automatically stops working when drives give out SMART errors, and since both were flagged simultaneously after a firmware upgrade, I almost lost all my data.

    I ended up having to plug one drive into the PC, pay for recovery software (there's no good free alternative to recover data from hdds with the proprietary filesystems these NASs use), and then buy another two drives to get the whole thing up and running again. They were brand new, couple of months of usage.

    I have no way to prove it or to be absolutely certain about it, but I'm almost sure that it was the NAS firmware update that borked the drives.
    I'm still using them as external units without a problem, and I just got a kit to reset the SMART status as it's something understandably hard to do ( or else the market of used hdds would be filled with soon to fail drives).

    I certainly understand the company overzealoussness regarding safety, specially in face of so many Seagate drives specifically with 3Tb that failed in recent years, but it was a horrible experience for me personally. And I also have to mention that I got my NAS pre-packaged with the drives on Amazon… it wasn't a case of me putting bad drives there on my own, they came with the NAS.

    Perhaps it was pure coincidence and both my Seagate drives are yet to fail, but honestly, I've been using them for almost a full year now with no signs of it actually failing. So there you go. It's common knowledge I guess, but if you do have critical data, don't trust a single NAS to keep it safe, even if you are running it on RAID 1.

  • wait… kaput… my friend got sent out of class in high school for saying that, something to do with Germans? no idea… lmao

  • I downloaded a blue screen of death joke screen thing, but I didn't read that it will give you a S.M.A.R.T error for windows 7 or above or something like that. BSOD wasn't coming up so I assumed it didn't work. I turned of my computer. The next day, I got a message when I booted up my computer. You guessed it, a fake smart error. I freaked out! My dad took it to a 'certified pc technician'. He charged $60 just for reinstalling windows, even if it was a real smart error that probably would have been no use! About 6 years later, I wondered back onto that same site, and read a small piece of text. Will show smart error on newer operating systems. And I never told my dad!

  • I wouldn't mind if S.M.A.R.T. extended to other hardware, though. It would be nice to know in advance if my graphics card or sound card was having issues before it completely crapped out on me.

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